Slice of Life

White Claw’s grandma

“The Grandma of White Claw”:a 1980s-era bottle of Bartles & Jaymes premium Berry flavored wine cooler.

It had one thing over White Claw: it actually tasted like something.


How I Spent My Weekend

Cat wearing a little sombrero, bellied up to a makeshift bar with a shot glass and a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila.

…not quite like this.

It Happened to Me Play

Las Vegas Travel Diary: St. Patrick’s Day Drink Specials

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day and to keep the ordering process simple, just about every bar in Vegas had this sign posted outside, offering these Irish-themed drinks specials:

St. Patricks Day Drink Specials: Guinness $3, Jameson Irish Whiskey $2, Bud/Bud Light $2

To be fair, the Bud and Bud Light came in festive green bottles.


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (or: Bar Sign of the Day)

Perhaps if they’d given the night another name, it might have turned out differently:

Chalkboard sign outside a bar: "Due to physical violance, Shit Faced Mondays have been cancelled."

I have no idea what bar this sign is for. I just ran across this picture here and thought it was too good not to share.

(I hear every Monday is Shitfaced Monday over at David Crow’s house.)