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If “Deep Impact” Happened in Real Life

Comic: Obama on TV announcing that they failed to destroy the asteroid hurtling towards Earth and a right-winger cheering: "Another failure!"

[Found via AZSpot.]


The Cure for Our Cold Weather: Sausage Gravy!

The temperatures predicted for later this week in Accordion City don’t look terribly promising:

Screen capture from the Weather Network site showing high and low temperatures for latter part of week: Wed -14C/-19C, Thu -16C/-21C, Fri -11C/-21C, Sat -9C/-16C, Sun -7C/-14C

As a point of reference for my American readers, –11 degrees C, the average daytime temperature over these 5 days, is 12 degrees F. –18 degrees C, the average nighttime temperature over these 5 days, is 0 degrees F.

There is something that can help, but unfortunately, it’s not available in Canada. I’m talking about Bob Evans biscuits and gravy, complete with sausage gravy dispenser:

Food counter at a convenience store with Bob Evans sausage gravy dispenser

Why, oh why, don’t our 7-11 stores stock this stuff? I love biscuits and gravy. If it were socially acceptable (that is, if The Missus would let me), I’d spend my day sitting in a tub of it.