The Cure for Our Cold Weather: Sausage Gravy!

The temperatures predicted for later this week in Accordion City don’t look terribly promising:

Screen capture from the Weather Network site showing high and low temperatures for latter part of week: Wed -14C/-19C, Thu -16C/-21C, Fri -11C/-21C, Sat -9C/-16C, Sun -7C/-14C

As a point of reference for my American readers, –11 degrees C, the average daytime temperature over these 5 days, is 12 degrees F. –18 degrees C, the average nighttime temperature over these 5 days, is 0 degrees F.

There is something that can help, but unfortunately, it’s not available in Canada. I’m talking about Bob Evans biscuits and gravy, complete with sausage gravy dispenser:

Food counter at a convenience store with Bob Evans sausage gravy dispenser

Why, oh why, don’t our 7-11 stores stock this stuff? I love biscuits and gravy. If it were socially acceptable (that is, if The Missus would let me), I’d spend my day sitting in a tub of it.

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Yeah, but Bob Evans’ portions are hilariously large. You could survive the weekend on leftovers.

Biscuits are pretty easy and quick to make. Shame we can’t make good white gravy to save ourselves in Canada.

Frankly, the biscuit dispenser disturbs me more than the gravy one (perhaps because gravy is at least semi-liquid, or perhaps because I like biscuits).

I don’t know why, but white gravy gives me the willies.

If you do it at work, and don’t blog or tweet about it, The Missus won’t know.

I’m presuming that Microsoft has tubs, of course. If it doesn’t, you could go to a cyberspa and work there.

The idea of biscuits and gravy always sounded so appealing to me until I realized that the “gravy” was some sort of gooey white stuff. To me, “gravy” implies some sort of tasty meat juice is involved.

Natalie: The gravy in “biscuits and gravy” is often sausage gravy, which means it’s got cut-up bits of sausage and plenty of sausage juice.

(Hey, “Sausage Juice” should be the name of my next band…)

Sausage gravy is made from the sausage grease you get from frying it, flour, salt and pepper. Brown the flour and then add milk and cook a little longer.

Do you all not have Hardees in Canada? Their biscuits and gravy are just like southern cooking. the best.

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