A Question Worth Pondering

Photo of Joey deVilla, done up in a style approximating Obama's posters.

(Pardon the hasty editing job with the photo above. I was trying to replicate the style of Obama’s posters. Surely there’s a Photoshop filter to do that sort of thing?)

Here’s a question posed by Joseph Weisenthal, who posts messages on Twitter as “The Stalwart”. Since it’s the end of a particularly controversial eight-year U.S. presidential term, there’s a lot of looking back over the past 8 years. That’s what makes his question so interesting to me right now:

Twitter screenshot: "Are you, PERSONALLY, better off today than you were eight years ago? I'll start off: Yes." 

The tweet reads:

Survey: Are you, PERSONALLY, better off today than you were eight years ago? I’ll start off: yes.

It’s a question worth considering. Forgetting for the moment any feelings that you have about the current U.S. Presidential administration or any policies that did not have a direct effect on you (this will vary depending on where you live) – is your life better today, January 2009, than it was eight years ago, January 2001?

My answer is “yes”.

I’ll write more later, but in the meantime, what’s your answer? Post it in the comments!


Pahhhking the Cahhh in Hahhhvahhd Yahhd This Weekend

A Simpsons scene at a Boston blogger gathering:

Freddy Quimby: “Say it, Frenchie! Say ‘browsahhh’!”

Waiter: “Brow-zaire!

I can’t properly post about Boston without putting up my favourite Boston Common photo…

It’s wicked fried!

I’ll be visiting The Redhead in Boston this weekend, and when I’m not doing the usual boyfriend-y hoo-hah, I’ll be attending some local bloggers-and-friends gatherings.

Saturday night, I’ll be hanging out at Clery’s, which is stumbling distance from the Back Bay T station. I’ll be attending the Sunday Brunch at Johnny D’s. I’ll hang out at the Berkman Center on Monday morning (Monday’s a holiday in Ontario), Hahhvahhd Square in the afternoon and home in the evening.

If you live in Boston area, feel free to drop by. I will be taking accordion requests.


One Thank You, One Answer, Two Questions

Thanks to everyone who posted a “My Canada Includes Accordion Guy” banner, linked to the article or made a comment. With the notable exception of my esteemed blog sparring partner Kathy (whose post pointed me to the Enter Stage Right article and whose comments you will find here), the reaction has been nothing but glowing praise.

First, an answer for a reader who asks:

random person me needs to know where in niagara falls you got that
tie!!!! I very much need a tie just like that, and am having trouble
finding it.. please mail me at if you can
help me, or remember where in niagara you got it

I can’t remember the exact address of the store, but I can give you a
general idea of where it is…and better yet, in picture form! Here’s a
picture of Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls’ cheesy tourist trap street:

The approximate location of the place where I purchased the tie. Click the picture to see it at full size.

Hope this helps.

Paul informs me that he heard a story that this summer will be nothing
but rain, rain, rain. Can anyone confirm this. and if so, could they
please tell me where the complaints department is?

Another reader makes a comment in response to my election post:

The relentless focus on “The Leader” obscures the fact that you can’t
vote for Prime Minister, you can only vote for your MP. In your case
Joey, you can choose (you’re in Trinity-Spadina, right?) between Olivia
Chow (NDP), who has been actively involved in the community for years,
or Tony Ianno (Gliberal) who has one of the worst attendance records in
the current Parliament.

Where can I get Parliamentary attendance records?


A Couple of Healthy Relatives

I’ve been writing about ailing relatives for the past little while. How
’bout a couple who are hale and hearty? Ladies and gentlemen, here are
my nephews, Nicholas and Aidan!

Nico and Aidan. Awwwwwww.

They’re cute fellas, and they’re always happy to hang out with Uncle Joey.