Pahhhking the Cahhh in Hahhhvahhd Yahhd This Weekend

A Simpsons scene at a Boston blogger gathering:

Freddy Quimby: “Say it, Frenchie! Say ‘browsahhh’!”

Waiter: “Brow-zaire!

I can’t properly post about Boston without putting up my favourite Boston Common photo…

It’s wicked fried!

I’ll be visiting The Redhead in Boston this weekend, and when I’m not doing the usual boyfriend-y hoo-hah, I’ll be attending some local bloggers-and-friends gatherings.

Saturday night, I’ll be hanging out at Clery’s, which is stumbling distance from the Back Bay T station. I’ll be attending the Sunday Brunch at Johnny D’s. I’ll hang out at the Berkman Center on Monday morning (Monday’s a holiday in Ontario), Hahhvahhd Square in the afternoon and home in the evening.

If you live in Boston area, feel free to drop by. I will be taking accordion requests.

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It could be just me, or my sensitive virus scan, but when I went to the “boyfriend-y hoo-hah” link, the scanner caught something fishy with the script running on that site.

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