One of Guinness’ Many Benefits

Photo: 'Sandwich board' sign that reads 'Guinness: It'll make you a better person!'

Seen outside The Irish Heather gastropub, in Vancouver’s Gastown district.


Sushi Transvestite

Sushi transvestite

I had lunch at Dream Sushi in Vancouver last week, where they keep a wall of hand-written testimonials. This one amused me the most. Here’s the text:

I am visiting from planet sweet transextual, Transalvania [sic]. I wish we had sushi like this back home. Thank you for making my stay worthwhile.

Frank’n’Furt [sic]

On the off chance that you’re too young to get the reference — or heaven forfend, never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, here’s what the writer is referring to: the musical number Sweet Transvestite:

(And yes, that’s a young Susan Saradon.)



I make it a point to always get some street food whenever I’m travelling, and Vancouver’s signature street food is the Japadog, a hot dog done Japanese-style. Here’s my coworker David smiling in anticipation of a delicious east-meets-west organ-meats-in-casings lunch on Friday:

Part of Japadog’s charm is their delightful Engrish signage. It’s so very charmingly quirky that I wouldn’t be surprised if their misspellings and malapropisms were intentional. After all, they did get me to take this photo and post it online:

Click the photo to see it at full size.

I had the “Spicy Cheese Terimayo Dog”, their biggest seller in 2010, pictured below:

I’d never describe it as spicy, nor would I call the sauce spread over it “cheese”. The shredded nori gives the dog a “Japanese” flavour, but in the end, it wasn’t the “Western food through the Japanese funhouse mirror” kind of good that a number of other places have mastered (MOS Burger are particularly good at this).

I think I would’ve preferred the Oroshi dog: bratwurst with green onions and soy sauce. Maybe I’ll grab one before taking the train to the airport tomorrow.


The Mayor of West Hastings

Joey devilla pulling a red wagon full of beer

This was me yesterday: walking out of Crosstown Liquor with about six or so dozen bottles of beer and delivering them to the venue of Vancouver’s HackVan hacker marathon. The venue is right by the “skid row” part of West Hastings Street, where anyone with more than two bottles alcohol in non-Listerine form is automatically the mayor.


Vancouver Bound

Air canada

I’m off to Vancouver! I’ll be there from Wednesday afternoon to Monday afternoon, primarily to catch HackVAN. Want to catch up? Drop me a line or tweet!


In Vancouver September 11 – 16


I’ll be in Vancouver starting this afternoon and staying there until around noon on Thursday. I’m there to help run Microsoft’s TechDays conference, and with a little luck, catch up with some friends. See you there!

Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me Slice of Life Work

Slice of Life: Official Photos from Techdays

For the TechDays conference’s stops in Vancouver and Toronto, Microsoft hired Vancouver-based photog extraordinaire Kris Krug to take photos of the Developer and Platform Evangelism team, which includes Yours Truly. The photos were taken during the conference, which meant that most of us were wearing the official TechDays shirts, which were colour-coded to match the conference track in which we were leading or participating. The track that I lead is Developing for the Microsoft-Based Platform, and its colour is orange. Luckily the folks who made the shirts had a pretty snappy shade of orange (the label refers to the colour as “Spark”) that I can rock.

Most of our photo shoot was on the promenade outside the Vancouver Convention Centre, looking out over the water. He just had me play tunes on the accordion while he shot photos, so they’re all pretty candid shots. Here’s one of the photos that Kris took of me.


There are more of me and the rest of the DPE team in Kris’ Flickr photoset.

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