If Housepets Were Libertarians

Most of the comics on flop for various reasons, but I rather like this one:

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Is that what lefties think humans are? Pets? It’s how lefties treat them, for sure, but I was under the impression that they were unaware of their smothering maternalistic tendencies. I liked it better when I thought modern day lefties were just simpletons. The concept of a consciously pro-serfdom group is frightening.

The greatest fight music ever. I loved its use Futurama as the national anthem of Zoidberg’s planet

To Mark:
Yaaaawwwnnnnn… maybe if you attempted a bit less literalness you may become less angry and better adept at controlling your blood pressure and rages later in life. Just a respectful suggestion.

Yet another difference between humans and animals: individualism doesn’t work with animals!

Picture 1’s analysis: Doggy protests against fetch newspapers, claiming that humans had done him nothing. Well, whence came his foods and toys?

Picture 2: I wonder how those fishies do without the filter in the water polluted with their own waste.

Picture 3: Who’s your daddy, kitty?

To Mark Jaquith: Individualists, Join the Collective!

To Victor Individualists think they can’t do without society, yet they get their foods, shelter, education,… from society. Don’t you know about Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron, Marshun? He had lived as a perfect individualist in the wild before found, caught, and brought to civilized society. He then progressed academically yet never rose beyond rudimentary level.

Private schools preach individualism, yet their students collectivistically wear uniform.

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