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It’s “FURTIVELY fired,” not “Quiet fired”

Screenshot of headline that reads “5 Signs You Are Being ‘Quiet Fired’ From Your Job”
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The person who came up with the phrase “quiet quitting” took the effort to incorporate alliteration, which made the phrase catchy. You’d think the author of the article 5 Signs You Are Being “Quiet Fired” From Your Job (shown above) would have put in a few seconds to do the same for its employer counterpart, but instead, they took the lazy route and simply replaced “quitting” with “firing.”

In my opinion, “furtively fired” — and its noun form, “furtive firing” — sound much better, are grammatically correct, and employ an underused word.

One reply on “It’s “FURTIVELY fired,” not “Quiet fired””

Amen! I just took the trouble myself to look up a synonym for covert or disguised, landing on Furtive. Like u said, it’s the alliteration. Don’t know if using ‘quiet firing’ is lazy, but it certainly isn’t as eye-/ear-catching as Furtive Firing. Thank you for sharing one of my irks!

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