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Senator Mike Lee’s anti-democracy tweets

Screenshot of Tweet: Senator Mike Lee — We’re not a democracy.
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Screenshot of Tweet: Senator Mike Lee — Democracy isn’t the objective; liberty, peace, and prospefity are.  We want the human condition to flourish.  Rank democracy can thwart that.
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To quote Jonathan Chait’s article in New York magazine, titled Republican Senator Blurts Out That He Hates Democracy:

Four years ago, I wrote a long essay describing this view and its ascent within the Republican party over decades. Its thesis, that the GOP is slowly evolving into an authoritarian party, has been amply borne out by the Trump era.

From the perspective of the right, Trump’s assault on democracy has advanced the cause of freedom and liberty, on net. His regressive tax cuts and deregulation have returned property to their rightful owners. Republicans believe that the political system must retain, and ideally expand, its counter-majoritarian features: restrictive ballot-access rules that restrict the franchise to the most “worthy” citizens, gerrymandered maps that allow the white rural minority to exercise control, a Senate that disproportionately represents white and Republican voters, and a Supreme Court that believes the Republican economic program is written into the Constitution.

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