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The 164 Republicans who couldn’t bring themselves to say anti Asian-American racism is wrong

On September 17th, Congress passed a measure that demands the condemnation of all forms of racism and scapegoating and calls on public officials to denounce any anti-Asian sentiment, which has become a problem with COVID-19.

It passed in a 243-164 vote, with all 164 “nay” votes coming from…well, guess which party:

The resolution did not reference Trump by name or the presidency, yet it passed on a largely party-line vote — with 164 Republicans voting against it.

Some responses from the Asian-American community:

Credit where credit is due

First, I’m going to say “thanks” to the 14 Republicans who broke ranks and voted “yea” on the measure:

…and hey, there’s a Florida representative in there, and he’s from the district just north of mine!

Censure where censure is due

And now, the racist a-holes who couldn’t even bring themselves to make a symbolic gesture condemning anti-Asian discrimination.

If you can, please vote them out.

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