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My take on last night’s election results


I moved from Canada for her…

…and I’m staying for the same reason.

My plan for these soon-to-be interesting times is simple: carry on, watch my back (this year, two people in red caps have yelled at me to “go back to China” — wrong country, guys), speak truth to power and fight the good fight when needed (and oh wow, will it be needed), play the accordion, and follow the wisdom of  Canadian poet Dennis Leigh:

“Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation”.

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I hope everything will be ok.

I think most Americans are awesome, caring people. Some issues people hold very closely, on both sides.

I worry that some of the people in the upcoming gov’t will try to suppress votes, change systems to make them worse for the people – when in fact, all Americans should benefit from their gov’t.

Please be safe. Please do well. For the sake of the entire planet.

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