“Spring Cleaning” post #10: The importance of knowing how to play “Wonderwall”

No matter how big or unusual your instrument is, if you’re a street musician performing numbers from the rock and pop genre, you should have this number down cold:

anyway heres wonderwall

Why Wonderwall? Well…

The chords he suggests sound a bit off. Having been a busker myself and profited well from playing Oasis’ most popular song…

Still the #1 Google result for “Best Accordion Picture Ever”.

…my recommendation is not to dick around with fancy-pants “musically accurate” chords. That’s for the losers at band camp. You want money for nothing and chicks for free, and for that, you should go with easy-peasy chords so you can devote more time to your adoring fans. I recommend:

Em G D Asus4

for the meat of the song. Try it! Here’s a verse:

Em       G
Today is gonna be the day that they're

D                      Asus4
gonna throw it back to you

Em         G
By now you should've somehow

D                       Asus4
realized what you gotta do

Em                   G
I don't believe that anybody 

D               Asus4
feels the way I do 

          C      D   Asus4
About you now

Here’s the chorus:

And all the roads we 

D                Em
have to walk are winding

And all the lights that 

D                 Em
lead us there are blinding

C                 D
There are many things that I 

      G       D      Em
Would like to say to you,

      D          Asus4
but I don't know how

      C     Em  G
Cause maybe

You're gonna be the one that 

C          Em  G
saves me

    Em    C   Em
And after all

G         Em
You're my wonder...

C        Em  G  Em  [dramatic fermata]  [dramatic Asus4, knowing wink]

Now get out on the street and play!

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