Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

At last, the Best Accordion Picture Ever!

Sorry about the delay on that picture. I was a little busy and didn’t get around to it.

I got a few emails that seemed to imply that if the former Best Accordion Picture Ever was of a comely young lass wearing nothing but an accordion, the new Best Accordion Picture Ever should be at least MAXIM-grade “stroke material”. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the lovely young lady in the new photo is wearing considerably more clothing than the old one.

And somehow, it’s sexier. It’s also my little contribution to the rehabilitation of the accordion’s image.

Rather than argue the merits of what’s sexy and what’s not, why don’t I just cut with the chatter and present the photo? Here it is, and if you click on it, you can get taken to a fuller-size version in the For the Love of Breasts photo album.

Photo: The Best Accordion Picture Ever! Joey deVilla dances with a comely young lass, who's obviously taken with the accordion.

I have achieved my life’s goal: I now live in a beer commercial.

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I knew I should’ve given up the Yo-yo for keyboard based musical accessories!

(at least I have the beer part down though)

That’s so photoshopped. Note the product placement. The hand on the keyboard is a nice touch though!

Joey –

Take a look at the shadow you cast. Notice how there is little shift in placement between the shadow cast on the person behind you and the wall further behind them. Depending on the angle of the camera, you would expect more.

Then look at the placement of your legs against the floor. The angles don’t match. In fact, the floor should be at a much less steep angle.

Also note the inside right leg of the dancing girl. Notice how all of the edge pixels are much brighter than they should be?

And if the flash was indeed that bright, why then is the light pattern on the floor not blown away?

Nice touches on the green highlights on her hair and yours, but the patch on your shoulder shouldn’t have been illuminated like that if the lighting were real.

In fact, her shadow against you looks suspect, but I’ll let that go for the moment.

In the least the background had been dropped in.

– Geo.


So, Geo., how ’bout that moon landing: real or faked?

I tell you, it happened.

At least you had the decency to stick to a technical argument and not with “Joey? Dancing with a hot chick? Come on…

I was going to think of something funny and snarky to say, like “ooh, she’s going for the low E”, or “daddy’s got a squeezbox”, but I really can’t… it simply is a totally hot photo.

So hot, in fact, that it almost looks like the young lady soiled herself, with how excited she was to be in the presence of Joey. Or maybe that’s just some Photoshop artifacts, eh Geo?


For the record: Moon landing was real. And I never bought into that face on Mars nonsense.

And I don’t doubt that the event (in your picture) happened. I just doubt that the two of you belong with the background.

Also look between her legs (Okay, so I might not be the first to suggest this, but I actually have a point to make here.) Aside from the fact that the angle of the floor is all wrong, your shadow is strong enough on the wall *behind* everyone, but in the area between her legs, there is no hint of her cast shadow, and in fact, the dancer behind both of you casts a shadow *forward!* For the flash to be that strong but have no affect on the bottom half of the photo is absurd.

Also note that the dancer behind you is as tall as you are, but her legs end about the dress line of the girl in front. Another indication that the angle between the foreground and background aren’t right.

It looks like this one photo doesn’t match the rest in the gallery, so I presume this is from an individual submission.

I’m guessing the person got a good shot of you, and decided to take some artistic license to make it more visually appealing by changing the background. I’m sure just about any other beer ad would have a bit of p’shopping their images too, so this is just par for the course.

Heh… all of the above said and done, I should probably have spent that time learning how to play the accordion instead, so I could get hot chicks to dance with me…



Geo may be right.

If you create a line from the feet of the person behind Joey, to Joey’s feet, then extend that line to get to the girl’s feet…. she’d have to be wearing 12″ platform shoes. Or she’s standing on a platform. Was she Joe?

I think Joey’s right foot might be up on something, making it look weird. Notice you can’t see his left foot.

OK, if it is a pshop, then why would they (the pshopper) put a wedding (or engagement) ring on the girl’s left hand? Or did they put the ring on there to elicit exactly this comment?

This image is turning into the Accordion Guy Zapruder film, sure to be analyzed for years to come.

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