Lost Moments #2: Austin

Joey deVilla in a cowboy hat, playing his accordion at an Austin Bar at South by Southwest 2011. Photo by Kris Krug.

Creative Commons photo by Kris Krug.

Vancouver’s photog-about-town Kris Krug took this photo of me at South by Southwest Interactive in March. You’ve got to put this big smile into context:

  • Only two months before, I was in the ICU with a nearly fatal case of the flu (see the story titled My Hospital Week). I remember sitting on the plane on the way to Austin and just marvelling at how easy it was to breathe. It wasn’t anything special about the pressurized air on the plane; it was just that the memory of that feeling of drowning on dry land was still pretty fresh in my memory. At that point, I was only halfway to the Half-a-Versary of all the big changes in my life.
  • Only a month before, it became clear to me that it was time to move on to the next step in my career (see Departure).
  • I was in a party town, at its biggest party, two days away from signing a contract with Shopify, which would mean moving to Ottawa for the summer and a lot of travel.

(By the bye, be sure to check out Kris’ site. He does a helluva a lot of interesting things, and I hope to catch up with him when I’m in Vancouver in August.)

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