Airplane Safety Card

The Joey deVilla North America Tour continues! This time, it’s a trip to New Orleans commencing today at noon and concluding sometime just past dinner on Monday. As always, the trip will begin with a review of the flight safety card located in the seat pocket in front of you:

Airplane safety

The North American Tour so far:

  • mid-late February: Seattle, WA for Microsoft’s TechReady 12 conference and sausage fest
  • late February/early March: Seattle WA again (a week after the previous trip) for the Microsoft MVP Summit
  • early March: Ottawa, ON for a job interview with Shopify (a same-day round trip)
  • mid-March: Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Interactive conference
  • mid-April: Boston, MA for BarCamp Boston
  • mid-April (immediately after Boston): Las Vegas, NV for Microsoft’s MIX conference
  • May 1: Moved from Toronto to Ottawa for the summer
  • early May: Minneapolis, MN for MinneBar (BarCamp Minnesota)
  • late May: Portland, OR for BarCamp Portland, followed by a quick jaunt to Seattle by train, then flying home
  • mid-June: Seattle, WA (4th time this year!) for BarCamp Seattle
  • and now, mid-July: New Orleans, LA for BarCamp NOLA

It’s been wild, it’s been crazy, it’s been fun and it’s never been boring.

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