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Next Stop: Winnipeg!

winnipeg skyline

At long last, we come to the last city in TechDays’ seven-city conference tour: Winnipeg! The combination of venue availability and perhaps a little masochism puts me and my coworkers in a city notorious for brutal winters in mid-December. Take a look at the weather forecast for the days I will be there:

winnipeg forecast

(If you’re American, the high for Monday translates to –9 degrees F; the low is –26 degrees F. There’s a reason the city has the nickname “Winterpeg”.)

Fortunately, we were given our official TechDays-branded winter jackets at the Ottawa conference last week, and when they’re worn with the fleece lining, they’re incredibly warm. In fact, I found myself boiling in my jacket in Ottawa’s just-below-freezing temperatures when I wore it with the lining, which means that it should keep me toasty in Winnipeg’s deep freeze. Still, I’m glad that the walking route from the hotel to the conference venue can be done mostly indoors, with the notable exception of one street crossing.

In spite of the temperatures, I’m looking forward to the trip to Winnipeg later today. See you there!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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If your nerdery includes sci-fi or graphic novels, you may be interested to know that Neil Gaiman is doing a reading/signing tomorrow (tuesday) evening in a bookstore. Also that you can navigate most of downtown using the indoor walkways that run between stores and businesses and the like. They don’t stay open late, but they make navigating much more pleasant if you find yourself underdressed during the day/evening.

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