Business Hours [Updated]

I had a housemate who would never enter a time in the microwave that ended in “0” – she’d always reheat something for 38 seconds or defrost something for 8 minutes, 22 seconds – never 30 seconds or 9 minutes. If she weren’t a lawyer with a prestigious firm here in Accordion City, I’d swear this store – given the hours posted – was hers:

"Business Hours" sign with times that don't end on the hourr, half-hour or even quarter hour, such as "Monday: 12:12 - 7:07".

Update: The eagle-eyed Estelle H. pointed out in a comment that she recognized those store hours – they’re those of the Conspiracy Culture bookstore on Queen West.

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The Toronto Garbage Song

The Toronto Garbage Strike of 2009 may be over (as might be David Miller’s reign come election time next year) and garbage collection is resuming today, but that’s no reason not have a song about it. The Toronto Star posted a story today about The Toronto Garbage Song (a.k.a. Flush Your Garbage), which was written and posted to YouTube by Ian Kelk.

This isn’t the first strike song to gain exposure through the internet. London Underground is still my favourite. It’s a reworking of The Jam’s Going Underground by British comedy singing duo Amateur Transplants (Adam Kay and Suman Biswas).

Here’s a homemade video that someone made for the song – be warned, it’s a little sweary:


On Second Thought, THIS is the Sign of the Day

Billboard that reads: "Illiterate? Write for free help." Found via Certified Bullshit Technician.


Sign of the Day

Sign: "Danger - The dog has a gun and refuses to take his medication"

Internet Finds

Force by Northwest

I love Jim Hance’s painting that adds a little Star Wars to the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest, titled Force by Northwest:

Jim Hance's "Force by Northwest" (Cary Grant running from a TIE fighter) Click the painting to see it at full size.

On the painting’s page on the Artbreak site, it says “Acrylic on wood board painting, scanned and digitally manipulated.” Signed prints are available!

In case you don’t recognize the scene, here’s a still from the scene that inspired it:

The "Jimmy Stewart running from the crop duster" scene in "North by Northwest"

And here’s the scene: