Countries That Don’t Use the Metric System

Of all the countries in the world, only three backwaters still use the archaic Imperial system of weights and measures:
Map highlighting countries that don't use the metric system

I say we let them get some decent governments first, then worry about getting them on the metric system.

Remember, folks: this was posted back in 2008, when George W. Bush was president. I lived in Canada, and the time, and that the “let them get some decent governments first” line was a poke at “Dubya”.

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Why isn’t Canada on the list? We still use the metric system — Didn’t you hear the magic distance of “1.6 km” in the news over and over for the last several days?

For those of you who are wondering what David Janes is talking about, the “1.6 km” is a reference to the radius of the area that was evacuated after a propane company exploded early Sunday morning. 1.6 kilometres is the equivalent of one mile, which suggests that the evacuation procedure was either written before Canada’s switch to metric or cribbed off a set of procedures written in the U.S..

Anyone who’s miffed at this posting can mentally retitle the map “Countries that have sent a man to the moon, plus Liberia and Myanmar”. Feel better now?

Just goes to show, the U.S. is no longer a world leader in anything that matters. How much longer before mindless idiots can no longer honestly chant “We’re #1”?

Do I want to go live in China or Russia? Of course not. Could I live in Canada, Mexico, the U.K., pretty much any country in Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand? Why certainly, I could be very happy there. If I ever move from Alaska, rest assured it won’t be to the lower 48.

So, if the fact America could crush any country in the world with its military doesn’t matter, what does?

Ya… Since the U.S. dosn’t lead in anything that matters. That is still why our military is still fear throughout the world, even though our economy has been on a down hill for past few years, we still hold power over the world, people still look towards U.S. for assistance. Just because Americans refuesed to learn the metric system, dosn’t reflect america as a whole. It just shows our ignorence and pride, if we can still maintaine dominence in the world useing a system of 12’s then why change, everyone their knows it no point in trying to change things up now.

I found your site though a Google search “don’t use”, interesting results. The US actually uses metric throughout its biggest industries: military, healthcare, science/engineering and containment of soda. It is about time our education system caught up. PS I like your re-post re the moon.

Dexter, the US military is full of college drop outs and the poor who can’t afford to get educated any other way. All the US military has on its side is shear numbers – nothing else. They are just cannon fodder.

What? You can’t afford to educate your population? They have to join the military to get education?!

I wouldn’t move to the US if you paid me! Many places in the world are far better places to live compared to the USA, but Americans have this strange belief that they are the leaders of the world, and are therefore better than everyone else!

The rest of the world knows the truth. 🙂

Mark, I agree whole-heartedly. The only seemingly difference in out opinions seem to be that you, luckily, don’t live in USA. It’s quite annoying really, I sort of hate my country, and people at my school think I am a terrorist because of it. I have all rights to do so, our country is full of idiots! Of course, there are a few smart people, and those are the ones who know we aren’t at the top of the world. Really, the way we act towards other people, we are not that superior! And the fact that only three countries don’t use the metric doesn’t make us more special, it makes us idiots!

hey, i am a U.S citizen, and if u don’t know, there was a movement several decades ago to change to the metric system. i don’t know what happened to that. Well, most Americans have the attention span of a- oh look a crow.

What are you people talking about? I was taught the metric system in a U.S. elementary school and use both everyday. I also received most of my college education before I enlisted in the military. I have lived in a lot of other countries and there are some good and bad points about the other countries and same with the US. If you don’t like the US don’t live here. Also, we got some of our bad habits from the rest of the world because most people in the US or their ancestors moved to the US from other countries.

Haha, no joke. America isn’t the leader anymore. I live in America and I’m ready and willing to admit that. Our government is so filled with lying, greedy jerks that there’s no way our government could be the best. We can’t even do the simple act of switching ot a much smarter system? ughh

I agree with Esther, and it isn’t just that the Metric System is smarter, but it’s easier too.

Metric system is used in US schools.
Dont tell me Im wrong b/c I live here.
So stop with the American bashing.

Did the UK stop using MPH when I wasn’t looking? Let’s include the inventors of the Imperial system!

Hey, what’s with all the US bashing? Our country has its fair share of idiots, but what country doesn’t? Western Europe/Australia & NZ/Canada…all amazing places but trust me, someone who has spent extensive time all over the aforementioned areas, people are stupid in equal numbers, no matter where you go. Whether it manifests as ignorance, arrogance, or even soccer hooligans haha, people are people and there will always be plenty of idiots. It isn’t just the US; though why we never converted to metric system is beyond me, but it doesn’t make the general population any dumber than the rest of the world. As for some of the posts above, find me a country where the residents don’t think theirs is the best and I’ll show you a country of people with no pride.

We started learning the metric system in my school in New York.

I don’t really think the U.S needs to convert, but it should be taught.

As for anyone who bashes the U.S and is an American, claiming it’s full of idiots, you’re no Bette than the people you’re saying you hate. You’re ignorant. There are idiots everywhere. You can’t avoid them. There aren’t just a few smart people in America, there are a lot. There are a lot in other countries too. We may not be number one anymore, but we’re pretty close. Our military is full of drop outs and junkies and whatever, but it’s still pretty good. It’s full of people willing to fight and die for their country, and that’s really what matters.


Just reread that. Wow.

I love how there is a lot of America bashing going on here, yet, whenever something tragic happens, or war breaks out, they ALWAYS turn to us for help, and we never refuse. If we decided that we weren’t going to support other countries in that matter, you’d all be effed. So what if our ways of calculating weigh and distance are different, in the end, it all amounts to the same weight and the same distance. Big freaking deal. And don’t even get me started on the military.

Idiots are Idiots no matter where you go…..stupid knows no geographical
boundries….so don’t try to pin it all on the U.S. . If we don’t use the metric
system…. so what … based on the way we think ….it’s a free world an we
can do whatever we want … we choose not to use the metric system.
Live with it.

the real reason why we won’t change it is the money To change it we would have to change every factory everyone food pretty much everything and that would cost a lot. Stop hating anyways America is awesome and all the other countries are just jelouse

Since America already uses the decimal system, the SI (Metric) system is the logical progression, so that units are in the same base as the numbering system. Seriously, how hard is it to remember to multiply by 10 to get the next-order unit? Much easier than multiply by 12, then 3, then a thousand-and-something.

My pet peeve is that there is more than one type of fluid ounce. Having to try and clarify *which* fluid ounce is a time waster.

The world’s next step, is, of course, to convert to decimal-time. A minute will be 100 seconds, an hour 10 minutes 😉 It would be a hell of an adjustment, but once we were use to it imagine how much time we would save during calculations.

I love blogs like this. It/they allow so many people to trumpet their ignorance as if it were something to be proud of. The USA has totally changed to the metric system scientifically, over 80 per cent industrially, and over 90 per cent academically. You are confusing practical standards with historic casual usage. The question is, why should I be forced to measure things around my home in metric units because some superior techno-snob of a college student in some backwater country is totally offended.

Belize also uses the imperial system.

The anti-American comments are unseemly and unwarranted. Publicly bashing any country is unproductive.

Gosh, the degree of US bashing here is appalling. Shameful.

I’ve noticed on trips to the USA (I am from Sweden) that the metric system is often used there. The next time you are on a visit, look out for that quintessential American thirst quencher, Coca Cola. You’ll likely find plenty of two-litre bottles (although spelt ‘liter’ by our cousins on the other side of the pond). Mixes well with a bottle of Swedish Absolut vodka, I can tell ya, which are usually sold in one-litre volumes.
That Liberia uses the same system as the USA is hardly remarkable given its history. I cannot speak for Burma (and I refuse to refer to it by its ‘new’ name), but considering that the current madmen at the helm of government decided to move the capital from Rangoon based on astrological predictions… well…. it’s hardly fair to compare Washington D.C. to such (even if nutcases Nancy and Ronald Reagan were also firm believers of what was written in the stars).

Moroever, the USA actually did decide to switch to metric in the 1970s. Budgetary constraints in the early 1980s lead to this being called-off (another Regan move), although many government departments still require that tenders and such be submitted in metric measurements. That asides, the USA’s currency was also one of the first ever to be decimilised right from the onset, with 100 cents equating to a dollar.

Yeah I learned the metric system in the US because it is required to be used in all of the hard sciences. For example equations in physics won’t provide a sensible answer if you used Lbs, inches, etc. And everything needs to be in degrees Kelvin, which is slightly different than Celsius of the metric system. And I obviously know the “American” system because I live here. So I would say educated Americans are smarter on this point, because we have to know both systems. so suck it.

I’ve mentally retitled the map as: Most envied, plus Liberia and Myanmar.

I know I feel better now.

Frankly, I like the English measurement system. It is much more poetic. What is so great about a system being simpler? The English language isn’t simple, but it is the universal language, because one can express oneself most fully, because it has by far the largest vocabulary and is the language that can most readily adapt to change. It is the most flexible language.
As for the US, it leads the world in ethnic diversity, it leads the world in GNP, it leads the world in public education, it leads the world in philanthropy (being more generous by a factor of five compared the second most generous nation of givers), among “first world” nations, it leads in belief in God, the list of positive things the US leads the world in is really quite long.

At the rate it’s going, the USA won’t be the world’s largest economy, or have the most powerful military for long.

And it’s all down to the same pigheadedness that causes America to reject the metric system. It’s the ‘we’re number one, no matter how foolish our actions’ way of thinking. Well, while you are number one, you can do that for a while, but one day, you’ll wake up and you won’t be number one any more. Then you’ll just be behind.

America; extrapolate all of the trends for another 20 years; you’ll just be a backwards ‘Greater Mexico’, owned by the Chinese.

I live in the US, and I know for a fact that 90% of the people who claim to dislike/hate it are a bunch of knuckle-dragging hipsters.

Also, it wouldn’t be an eay task to switch to the metric system at this point because not many people understand it. Also, a lot of people in the good ol’ US have a similar philosophy. Who the hell are you to tell me how to live?! I’ll use whatever system I want!

Short note; Yes, America helps others if they have oil or something they want. The US Has to use Metric at times cause they need to buy stuff outside there boarders. I agree that idiots are global.

I live in the US, and I know the metric and imperial systems. We had to learn them in high school, plus I studied biology and foreign language in college, so I know how to use them both. But metric is so easy. Way easier than the imperial. I feel like we need to switch to metric, but not all at once. Like, start making thermostats showing both F and C. Where there is something in Imperial format, it should show C also, so that people get used to it. Then slowly, we can move on. It’s such a pain when I’m trying to use a recipe from another country and I have to convert everything….

To the idiot who thinks the US military just simply has numbers fir cannon fodder thats china we have the most technologically advanced military in the world the US is predicted my most analysts to hold air superiority for the next 100 years also we have co ops with the Israel and The UK who are also in the top ten militaries so in short your a complete idiot who has no idea what he’s talking about

Well with out one of those countries we wouldnt have computers. or the internet. or be free from fascists….

i dont know what all the bickering is about—in 20 years, the US will be overrun with illegal immigrants from mexico and will eventually become North Mexico, and they’ll bring their metrics with them. watch out, Canada, you’ll be next.

The main reason the USA didn’t change to metric is because we would have to change EVERY sign/paper/car meter/whatever out there. Plus, in science and military we do use the Metric system, you know, when it’s needed. But still, I mean, at least we can convert Metric to Imperial and vice-versa pretty easily…It’s not like a crisis/Apocalypse people. It’s just how America has run things, and it’s a bit difficult to change it all. Sorry if someone already said this/this is really old, but I’d just thought I’d say this due to my brainsplosion.

by convert Metric to Imperial, I mean the measurements themselves, you know, since Google exists 🙂

And let’s not forget whiskey, sold by the “fifth” — nominally a fifth of a gallon but actually 750 mL.

wowww look at all you idiots fighting over the stupid metric system. Like seriously don’t you have something better to do than bash America because it doesn’t use the metric system. Its like saying im going to make fun of you because you wear blue pants but everyone else wears red pants. ITS ALL THE SAME THING!!! And trust me the situation in China is ceasing, America will remain the top industrial leader. More factories are coming back to America and it is slowing down China’s economy. And lets face it America has over 3/4 of the world’s gold, gives aid to many countries and has the most high tech. and capable military of all time, America isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

Many uninformed Americans feel the rest of the world is imposing the metric system on them. The truth is we are ignorant and arrogant believing the rest of the world will continue to buy our products when 98.45% of the world is using the metric system; as Americans say they need to us our system which is not really an American system in the first place.

Other countries are just going to refuse import of goods that are not to metric specification. This is every country’s free choice, and in fact the U.S. ‘imposes’ all kind of specifications on its imports, too. The U.S. even imposes sanctions on other countries which export to other countries, like Cuba or Iraq! Might you find this rightful or not, it’s compulsory and by no means democratic.

The rest of the world made the free decision to adopt the metric system while the U.S. decided to stay with the English Imperial system. Had the U.S. started to convert early, would there be neither significant costs nor difficulties? Now though, that the world is moving on but we chose stagnation and America will suffer as we are facing the consequences of our arrogance to join the world.

It makes me sad that America learned nothing from the 1980s as Japanese cars became increasingly popular, simply because they were the better product, and sale of U.S. cars declined because people just won’t buy crap only because it’s American. Fortunately the U.S. automotive industry understood, and the result is even better cars. Applying dogmatic traditions and blind vanity to a progressive economy just doesn’t work.

ummm just so you know……… the us doesnt use the metric sytem…… and our military is frakin awesome!!! do u really think that the allies wouldve won WW2 without americas help?? becasue from wat i know, everyone else on that side didnt do so well til america came in so hahahaha srry if u r from any of the countries on the other side of WW2 just was using it as a reference

The topic is Countries that use the metric system, not attacking the rest of the world because I feel inadequate because I am part of the only industrialised country in the world that doesn’t use the elegant and intelligent metric system. Or maybe you just feel inadequate because you have a 25.4 mm dick, thats an inch BTW.

The rest of the world seems to care a lot about what the United States does or doesn’t use. Scientists everywhere already use the metric system, including in the United States. The use of the system outside of that is pretty irrelevant unless you somehow care about the best possible synchronization of minor inconveniences when someone takes a vacation and not the major inconveniences that can arise from say…language barriers.

About 75% German soldiers killed in the war died on the Eastern Front.
The Soviets took Berlin.
The Soviets liberated most of the camps.
The Soviets killed the most Germans.
And they did all this despite that moronic tyrant Stalin “purging” a large part of the army because he was a paranoid dick.

America helped a lot but most of their efforts were in the pacific fighting the Japanese.

As a US citizen, let me apologize for morgan. There is just so much ignorance in this country. He probably voted for Bush both times, too.

The whole world would be under a communist regime without America’s help. We also made huge contribution to the United Nations and actually had the idea for a peace keeping organization when Woodrow Wilson went to Paris to create a treaty after WWI. His idea (which was called Wilson’s 14 points) would have prevented WWII if his points had been accepted. The other allies; however, wanted Germany to pay for their actions during WWI. So the others didn’t accept all of his points and they forced the war-torn Germany to pay reparations which would starve the German economy and allow a dynamic leader to step in. This allowed Hitler to step in with hardly any opposition from the rest of the world. If the allies had accepted Wilson points, WWII wouldn’t have occurred and six million Jewish people wouldn’t have been killed and Russia wouldn’t have had a revolution and the Soviet Union wouldn’t have formed. Without the Soviet Union, China would have stayed Nationalist, Korea would have stayed whole, we would have avoided the Cuban missile crisis, and the entire world would be years ahead technologically. Without the United States, the world would have been conquered by Germany by the twenties and the entire world would be a place without creativity, free speech, expression, or anything the U.S. stands for.

So, if all of your scientists and military are using the metric system, what does that tell you?! I have to buy 2 sets of tools to accomodate Metric(the world) and Imperial(USA). this seems backwards and a little inefficient. Not to mention, it is NOT hard to learn metric… your dollar is already based on this system…if you can count by 10’s, you’re good. I think the rest of the world just feels like its annoying for everyone to convert to your arcaic system because of your pride and “stickin to your guns”. I dont see any advantage to NOT using Metric. It seems to me that America likes their status quo, and in this day and age, where the country is having such problems economically and with maintaining good relations with other countries, that status quo isnt valid anymore, and you guys are starting to fall behind.

Who gives a damn? What system the Americans use. As long as it works for them. This is just a website for those who hate United States Americans’ and its citizens.

Don’t know about Morgan but I am embarrased for our current president obama. Bush was way better. Who cares if we don’t use the metric system.

Michelle: You say that every time something bad happens we ask you for help? Ok, good thing you guys helped US with OUR war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea etc. I have been in Afghanistan doing your job for you and I don’t remember training Talibans in the 80’s, I don’t remember pissing them off either, and I certainly don’t remember them trying to attack me, guess I was drunk at the time, huh? Good thing the world police is there to help me with my war in Afghanistan.

I hope that little show killed off the need to blurt out more of that irrelevant bullshit.
The Imperial measuring system is not better than Metric, no matter how much you feel we owe you.

Wonderful American patriotism, anyone who doesn’t praise U.S.A is a hater.

As for the rest of you:

I don’t really see how this is something to fight about. Really! Let them keep their own system if they like it so much.

Truth be told is that the one thing that pisses me off is (as you can see in many of the comments here) that many (not all) Americans are convinced that they are the best of the best.

U.S.A keeps naming itself the greatest country on earth and I’m getting so sick of it. And just stop bitching about the military, a big military is like a big car, overcompensation.

You heard me U.S.A! I think you have a small dick!

Now I’m just going to lean back and watch the “U.S Hater” comments rain. 😉

jack american: uranium, petroleum, ford contracts(both sides, belts and break pads), coca cola contracts(fanta was made so coke didn’t lose money in Germany), jp Morgan ammunition contracts, ibm contracts (the punch computers in the concentration camps were serviced by a nice man who flew over from new york every two weeks) this is why the us entered WWII . as for free speech reporters without borders places the us at 47 in the world

This seems like the same kind of dispute than “why British people still drive on the wrong side of the road?”

1. US has to use units like “the Astronomical unit” or “light-years” that are NOT “1x 10 to the power of n of the meter”. So the metric system is inadequate but some arel promoting it like “cure-all snake oil”.
2 No metricated country has ever sent anyone to the moon and back alive. President Kenedy said “we do it not because it is easy but because it is hard”. Now metric is promoted as “easy”. So? We have NOT chosen the easy..
3. USA consumes 40% of world’s GDP. The other 95% of the world (metricated) consumes the other 60%. So why can’t we use our own system.
4. Metric System is decimal like our dollar. It is NOT digital (binary) and we are in the digital age. The US customary system is binary. Because of the factional system, we can keep dividing by 2 and still remain precise. The metric system needs rounding and so is NOT precise & imperfect.
e.g. 1 yard divided by 2 = 1/2 yd = 1-1/2′ = 18″
1/2 yard divided by 2 = 1/4 yd = 3/4′ = 9″
Buy 1 lb of meat for 4. Each can get a quarter pounder = 4oz each.
You don’t cut a pizza or cake into 5 – do you???

But you can keep dividing by 2 metric system. Because 10 can be dividing by 2.
1 meter divided by 2=1/2 meter=5 dm=50=cm=500mm
1/2 meter divided by 4=125mm
By 1 kg of meat for 4. Each can get a quarter of kg=250 g
And I can cut a pizza of cake into 2 or 4 or 5. I don’t know why you use rule for cut pizza or cake.

You are a nut bar.

1. AU and light-year are base units, much like the metre (note the correct spelling) or your mile. See also gigaparsec, femtosecond, and kilofortnight.
2 The metric system is to be avoided because it is simple? Really? You’d rather do things the difficult way, only because it’s difficult? Here’s a spoon – build me a tunnel.
3. Without getting into how greedy and possession-obsessed the Americans are (see recent videos of Black Friday at Walmart for examples) and measuring how important a country is by your god the dollar, why not just count heads? The US has 309 million people, which is less than 5% of the world population of 6.93 billion. I’ll turn your question around: So why don’t you use our system?
4. Digital = binary? US customary system is binary? You really lose it here, don’t you?It looks like you are one of those people who think that you cannot divide 7 by 2.
>e.g. 1 yard divided by 2 = 1/2 yd = 1-1/2′ = 18″
>1/2 yard divided by 2 = 1/4 yd = 3/4′ = 9″
Take it a step further, RT.
9″ divided by 2 is? Or does your analogy break down here?
>Buy 1 lb of meat for 4. Each can get a quarter pounder = 4oz each.
Buy 1kg of meat for 4. Each can get 250g (no McDonalds reference for us)
Buy 1kg of meat for 5. Each can get 200g (still a lot of meat – even for an American)
Buy 1kg of meat for 10. Each can get 100g
Buy 1kg of meat for 7. Each can get 143g (done in my head – no fractions)

>You don’t cut a pizza or cake into 5 – do you???
Sure I do – can’t you? Each slice is 360/5=72 degrees. Are you telling me you cannot estimate 72 degrees? That you cannot visualize a pentagram on your pizza? And who cares if you’re off a bit? It’s easier to do if it’s a square pizza or a rectangular cake, though.

My point is this: you are a nut bar.

You’ve forgotten about the Bahamas we don’t use the metric system also the UK still uses the imperial system for many things like miles, pounds, and ounces.

Hey Anon x, Rob, Rikard, Zachary and the rest: If America falls, where will have to fall back to? What country do you know that allows such freedoms to exist? Do you think gay people will be able to live peaceably in Iran? Or the Progressive anarchists (AKA: Obama, Ayes, etc.) to work in freedom to destroy America? Do you really think the despots in Liberia, N. Korea, China will let you just fire comments opposing their beliefs and let you get away with it? Wow! Talk about ignorant! I kiss the fucking ground EVERY time I return to the US! EVERY FUCKING TIME!

How could possibly Bush the war criminal be better than any president in U.S. history? Let alone the second worst recession? I am not even beong political here.
Perhaps that kind of ignorance made us not to adopt the metric system. Sigh.

Yo out there, coming to you from this archaic corner of the world, Canada was forced to go metric when part of my country, (the part that wasn’t to bright) elected a nut case called trudeau who made Canada go metric, if Canada had of had some backbone we still would be imperial, no one needs to go metric, it just messes up our country. It is also designed to divide a country and that is not democracy @ work.
Thank you
J C and Heather Cruickshank

The metric system it has 2 giant flaws that make the Imperial system better.

1. The Fahrenheit system is much more accurate than Celcius without using decimal points. Proof that there is a noticeable difference in the huge Celcius degree range is the fact that most digital Celcius based thermometers use decimal points for 20.5 degrees and such.

2. The other advantage is that we Americans get more for our money on our system. In other countries, like Canada for instance, when they raise the price of gas by 1 penny that is approximately the equivalent to raising it by 4 cents in the US Gallon. There are several occasions when gas goes up in the US by 9 cents, and it goes up by 3 cents in Canada. Do the math, that is approximately 3 cents more per US gallon that Canada pays. Not to mention the many items that we get in the US as a dozen (12) or even baker’s dozen (13), when in other countries you would get 10.

Ultimately though the question here is not which is better, but why do we still have the Imperial system in the US?

The answer is that the schools have pushed and pushed for the transfer to metric for decades now, and the people chose not to accept it. That’s just it. In this wonderful country they can’t just say “we are now on the metric system”. Here we have a choice, and that DOES make us the greatest country in the world.

Just got home from a 3 month vacation in the US. Although I have been there numerous times and have been to 48 states as well as coast to coast in Canada and 10 European countries. I had no idea Americans are as brainwashed as they are. You have no idea about the rest of the world because the. American education system only teaches about how wonderful the US is. Nowhere have I seen the poverty that is in the US. Yes you have some rich, but most live in squalor below the poverty line. As far as freedoms, you don’t have the freedoms that are common in the rest of the world, except for a few Communist and dictator countries.
Please buy a passport and travel outside your little world. You will find it cleaner, safer, more affluent and much more modern. Sorry for being so blunt as I have met many good people in the US, but they have been blinded by their education brain washing.

Nice researching for all your information on the Internet faggots. Oh and how are you going to tell me about my own country (United States of America) when you truly know nothing of our country. Oh and let me guess you are either Russian or British cause every person I have talked to and puts the U.S down ends up being that and I think you guys have been taught to depose Americans

Y’all just pissed we kick yo bitch asses at everything¡ For real though switching the to metric system would be like admitting we’re as terrible at life as the rest of the world measuring their dicks with millimeters so it sounds bigger. Pfft! USA the only super power in the world nukka’s!

From what I understand a lot of countries use both the metric and imperial system for different applications. I’m surprised to see a heated debate on the matter.

How about you guys shut the fuck up.
America is better.
How about you guys stop killing

As an American (by birth, NOT choice), I apologise on behalf of my fellow Americans. The sad truth is, the United States of American is a shithole of reaction. For real, everything about our culture, society, and system (political-economical) is thoroughly reactionary. Case in point, all the idiot right-wing tea-tards going on about how Obama (who is apparently some Kenyan-born Islamist/Communist, never mind the obvious contradiction between an Arabist theocratic ideology with feudal characteristics on one hand and an internationalist, atheistic, technocratic, egalitarian one on the other, and also he’s the Antichrist and WORST PRESIDENT EVER). But don’t get me started about the left-liberal wimps who said equivalent things about Bush (being “Hitler” and all). Bush and Obama were/are BOTH lousy presidents, but both were/are FAR from the worst. There were way worse presidents. Which of the two being the worst is debatable, but I know it’s a distinction without a difference. I would say Obama could just be the most mediocre president in American history. But that’s just it. Americans are mostly lemmings fenced in by the faulty 2-party system and deluded by our infotainment media. Rather than propose solutions or attempt to do a better job, the populace would rather fling mud at whomever is in opposition. Reactionary!

Furthermore, America is a hopelessly stubborn society. We are proud of having archaic, obsolete, or backwards practices and institutions.

The death penalty? CHECK!
(Though to be fair, that’s a tough one. A majority of the sovereign states in the world have yet to abolish the death penalty, so we’re not that far behind. Also, even I understand it’s a controversial matter and could see the merits to both sides, though I lean slightly against. That said, in the vast majority of nation-states, the death penalty is seldom or never used. The USA is one of the few nation-states where the death penalty is commonly invoked, putting us in the company of China and a bunch of Islamist shitholes. The more advanced nations of the EU and Commonwealth (and even some former Soviet republics!) have all abolished it altogether.)

A majority of the population who denies evolution? CHECK!

Widespread practice of Judaic infant genital mutilation? CHECK! (And only 3% of Americans are even Jewish!)

Continued usage of the “U.S. Customary System” (read: British Imperial System) over the System Internationale (Metric System)? CHECK!

Which reminds me, why are Americans so damned Anglophilic? When did this Hail-to-the-Queen shit start? “Imperial” in the Imperial System is a reference to the British Empire. I was under the impression that England/Great Britain was our oldest enemy. (I have NOTHING against the British today.) I am thus baffled at why for the past 150 or so years Americans have been collectively dropping to their knees to suck British trouser schnauzer. The British invented that system of measurement, it is THEIR system and they even dropped it. So many redneck Americans hate on the French, when it was the French who helped us fight for independence from Perfidious Albion in the 18th Century, the British who fought two wars with us (Revolutionary War, War of 1812) and dragged/tricked us into fighting another war for them (World War One). Americans want to be the new British Empire. Well, sour news for you, the American Empire will crash and burn harder than the original British Empire did.

USA, USA, we’re number one, we’re number one!
…in obesity…


Jack American said:
“…and actually had the idea for a peace keeping organization when Woodrow Wilson went to Paris to create a treaty after WWI. His idea (which was called Wilson’s 14 points) would have prevented WWII if his points had been accepted. The other allies; however, wanted Germany to pay for their actions during WWI. So the others didn’t accept all of his points and they forced the war-torn Germany to pay reparations which would starve the German economy and allow a dynamic leader to step in. This allowed Hitler to step in with hardly any opposition from the rest of the world. If the allies had accepted Wilson points, WWII wouldn’t have occurred and six million Jewish people wouldn’t have been killed and Russia wouldn’t have had a revolution and the Soviet Union wouldn’t have formed.”

Earth to Jack Redneck American:
(1) Woodrow Wilson was the single WORST president America ever had. Not only was he a gigantic racist douche, a slimy Anglophile traitor, and a pompous fuckwit, he, more than any other individual (other than Hitler and Stalin) bears responsibility for making the 20th century the Hell-on-Earth that it was.
(2) Just what the fuck were we doing in WWI to begin with? It was a European civil war concerning the inbred aristocratic classes and monarchs. You might invoke the “All Germans are Nazis” trope but WW1 was NOT WW2. There really were no bad guys and good guys in the First World War (if anything, arguably the Germans WERE the good guys in the 1st World War). Americans had no business in the Great War, period, but then we were a rising empire then.
(3) If the USA did not enter, either the Germans would have won [(but barely, and likely a pyrrhic victory, but even so, it would not have been so bad if the German Empire (NOT Nazi Germany!) would have won. Personally, I think the world would have been much better off if Germany won the Great War (but much, much, MUCH better off if Napoleon had emerged victorious in his endeavors, there likely would have been no world wars as we knew them, but that’s a different story…)], as they did have, by all accounts, the greatest army (with the French likely being a distant second and the Americans being third at the time, the British had the greatest Navy), or else it would have ended in stalemate. Even if the Entente powers managed to defeat the Central Powers without American assistance (including military intervention from 1917 on, money lending, shipment of armaments, ammunition, and other war resources, diplomatically supporting the Entente…), it would have been very close, a pyrrhic victory for the Entente, certainly not the one-sided victory of actual history that lead to a demand for unconditional surrender and harsh, punitive peace terms in the infamous Treaty of Versailles (the worst treaty since the Congress of Vienna).
(4) Wilson’s 14 Points were laughably moronic at the time and unworkable. Did he really expect the victorious allies to play nice with their hated rival that they defeated so definitively? The League of Nations was a miserable failure, indeed doomed to fail.
(5) The Soviet Union has nothing to do with the “Fourteen Points.” There were actually two Russian revolutions in 1917. The first forced the czar to step aside and cede power, establishing a (weak) provisional government. The second Russian Revolution of 1917, the October Revolution, was the Bolshevik revolution. That latter one would establish the Soviet Union. Both Russian revolutions predate the 14 Points, so I fail to see your point. (Also, aside from the fact that the USA shipped weapons, munitions, foodsuffs, and other supplies to the Entente powers all while lending them cash, when the country was purportedly “neutral,” without which it is likely the British and/or French would have sued for peace, Wilson also provided funds to the Kerensky regime (founded after the first Russian Revolution of 1917), essentially bribing his government to continue the fight despite the war-weary Russian populace, thus giving Lenin and his comrades an easy in.) YOU FAIL HISTORY FOREVER!
(6) Had the Germans won (or at least fought to stalemate, or otherwise avoided punishment), that whole revenge motive would not have been present, Adolf Hitler would not have had a leg to stand on and would have been rejected by the German people, seen for the deluded maniac he was, thus no Third Reich!
(7) American involvement in the Great War, idiotic as it was, had other horrific side effects: the Spanish flu pandemic, the Great Depression, Prohibition…

“…and the entire world would be years ahead technologically.”

Quite possibly, yes. But most likely… NO! You are saying that without World War Two or the Cold War we would be years ahead technologically? Considering how much technology was spurred on by both WWII and the Cold War, I consider that a false statement. While it would have been nicer overall if WWII and the Cold War were avoided, technology would likely be held back. Electronic computers were largely a product of WW2. The needs for ballistic computers to track projectile trajectories, to crack German and Jap codes, in logistics applications, and finally in the Manhattan project spurred their development. The invention of, and development of, electronic computers, and digital computing, would have been postponed. Radar was invented in WW2. Computer technology further evolved as a result of the Cold War. (Cold War security needs spurred the development of computer time-sharing and lead to the invention of modems, packet switching, distributed computing, without which the Internet would be impossible. In fact, the Internet started as ARPANET, originally devised to function in the wake of nuclear war.) Without the USSR to compete, the space race would likely have been averted. Space launches, artificial satellites, and manned space flight would likely have been postponed, as would the moon landing, if it ever would have happened. I could go on… Jack Redneck-American, you fail history again!

“Without the United States, the world would have been conquered by Germany by the twenties and the entire world would be a place without creativity, free speech, expression, or anything the U.S. stands for.”
(1) This bullshit again? Germany was not “evil” or at least no more evil than most other countries at that time. They had little desire to conquer the whole world back then, and even assuming that they did, they did not have the means to actually carry it out. You’re just uncritically swallowing turn-of-the-20th-century British propaganda about the Kaiser’s Germany. Sure, Imperial Germany was heavily flawed, but certainly they were not on some grand crusade to eradicate all creativity and free will in the world. On the contrary, the British Empire nearly HAD conquered the world! (Remind me again who the good guys were?)
(2) The only thing the U.S. stands for is the freedom to buy and consume!

@ RT: Holy shit, you are stupid! Are you just trolling? Because, god damn, I don’t see how any individual could possibly be so dumb! I mean there were great Americans of great intelligence, and still are, but you ain’t one of them. Morons like you make the rest of us look like idiots.

(1) Astronomical Unit is simply a term for the distance from Sun to Earth (makes sense that we would use the distance from our planet to our local star as a common reference). Light-years are the distance traveled in one Earth year at speed c. Both of the above can be expressed (quite easily) in SI units. But Festeron already answered that…
(2) That statement is so stupid I don’t even know how to respond. All I know is Kennedy, being a political leader, and even the greatest politicians are prone to sentimental or passionate oratory, wanted to give a rousing speech, kind of how a coach or general would, poetic, inspirational, but not necessarily pragmatic. Yes, it’s good to challenge oneself, I get that, COMPETITION, HOORAH! But that does not mean never simplify. Doing everything the hard way just because you think you can is insanely idiotic.
(3) So we consume a disproportionate share of the global GDP, “YAY! Greedy fat fuck Americans!” How does that give us the right to declare ourselves superior over the rest of the world?
(4) Obviously you have no idea what “digital” or “binary” means. The metric system is indeed decimal, but the US customary system is NOT binary. Binary is a numerical notation, base-2. (We ordinarily count in base-10, where our place value is in powers of 10, at least that’s how most human languages are structured and how Indo-Arabic numerals are usually presented.) For example:

5 + 2 = 7 (decimal)
In binary would be:
101 + 10 = 111

Binary does simplify things greatly. Computers use binary because 0 or 1 corresponds to on-or-off in an electronic switch. However, it would be impractical in daily use.

And I don’t get how/why the “metric system needs rounding and so is NOT precise & imperfect.” Uh, high! The Metric System is decimal (base-10). I know that you REALLY suck at math, but 10 is divisible by 2, what we call an even number. You don’t have to divide into fifths (per your pizza example). Also, numbers being infinitely divisible you can divide ANY measuring unit in half indefinitely. So, your point is? The U.S./Imperial System, however is NOT binary, or decimal, or any number. It is completely fucking random.
12 inches to 1 foot, 3 feet to 1 yard, I have no idea how many feet or yards to a mile… Also, 3 is an odd number, not divisible by 2, so kind of shoots down your whole binary argument…

“Yo out there, coming to you from this archaic corner of the world, Canada was forced to go metric when part of my country, (the part that wasn’t to bright) elected a nut case called trudeau who made Canada go metric, if Canada had of had some backbone we still would be imperial, no one needs to go metric, it just messes up our country. It is also designed to divide a country and that is not democracy @ work. Thank you J C and Heather Cruickshank”

This raving idiot “J C Cruickshank” who apparently suffers from multiple personality disorder (is it J C or Heather?) proves that Americans do not have a monopoly of morons. Imbeciles live in other countries too! Maybe we can take a break from America-bashing for some Canada bashing? The gratuitous spelling errors and horrid grammar aside, said individual (is it even politically correct to refer to somebody suffering from a split personality as an “individual”?) she has failed to explain why Trudeau was a nut case, or how the Metric System messed up her country, nor did she elaborate upon her conspiracy theory that the Metric System was designed to factionalize a country. However she did indicate that she considers “having backbone” to mean fighting for a shitty archaic measuring system.

@ Bob:
(1) The Fahrenheit system is NOT much more accurate than Celcius. At best you can say it is more precise (learn the difference between accurate and precise) because Farenheit involves smaller intervals. But you’re obviously too stupid to deal with fractions.
(2) One gallon is approximately 3.78541 litres. However, there are a couple ways around that problem. One option is to introduce a lower denomination than the cent (re-introduce the half cent perhaps), but that is a very poor solution (see below). The other option is to simply adjust prices at the level of decaliters (groupings of 10 liters). That is the nice thing about the metric system and it being decimal. Per your example, where the price of a gallon goes up by 9 cents in the US and the price of a liter goes up by 3 cents in Canada that would work out to about 11.356 cents per gallon (closer to 2 cents than 3 cents extra…). However, if instead of +9 cents per gallon or +3 cents per liter, a price adjustment of +20 cents per decaliter is made, that works out to less than 8 cents per gallon. [Regarding the notion of a smaller cent, actually in addition to the archaic measurement system, the penny is another useless artifact to which Americans stubbornly cling. Some economists have shown that phasing out the penny can help the economy, probably much more than anything Obummer would do.]

“The answer is that the schools have pushed and pushed for the transfer to metric for decades now, and the people chose not to accept it. That’s just it. In this wonderful country they can’t just say “we are now on the metric system”.

Leave it to an idiot American to confuse corporate overlordship with “free choice.” Americans wouldn’t know free choice if it bit them on the ass! When Mitt Romney proclaimed that “corporations are people” he was not shitting us. But I have a proposal. The easiest way to phase out “our” archaic system of measurement (which was not originally ours to begin with), rather than mandating one or the other, or mandating both, is to give students an option of which one to learn. Start the kids at a young age, like third or fourth grade. Let them decide if they want to learn the customary or Metric system. On the first day, briefly explain the two measuring systems and let them pick one, but only one. Then they can take a test on one system or the other. “Okay class, there are two measuring systems…” “…there are 12 inches to a foot, 3 feet to a yard…” (versus) “everything is times 10!” Kids would ask questions like, “why aren’t there 12 feet to a yard?” and thinking, “this is really fucking stupid, can we just learn Metric?” The problem is, we are not given a choice. In American schools, one system is taught over the other (usually US Customary), or else they will give both equal time, but even if Metric and Imperial do get equal classroom time (this is rarely guaranteed), the students will be more familiar with the latter in their daily life (due to its habitual use in the States). That’s why teach one or the other in a class, but offer both classes and let the pupils select the class. And 1000 meters per kilometer is a hell of a lot easier than 5280 feet per mile.

Eff-You-See-Kay the USA!

Out of any post, on any blog type site, throughout my entire life, have I never seen such a well written counter argument to an ill-written subject. Best reading of my life. I live in America (if you could not tell by my insufficient punctuation…. thanks American public schools!), and I am tired of hearing we are number one when the only argument those people (usually right wing conservatives) give is, whenever someone needs our help we are there, and we lead in GDP (by far). Those are very, very petty things to be proud of. What else do we lead? Not much (Mexico is actually the most obese country, damn burritos), our healthcare is a joke, our poverty rates are pathetic for the so called “richest country in the world”, and our education system still sticks to outdated ideologies.

DON”T get me wrong, I hate having to bash on my country, which I still think is great. But I cannot stand our naive stances that we are #1. We are a great country with unprecedented power that came up with some freedoms others only dreamed about, However that was long ago, and we are slowly losing these freedoms as others take them to new heights. America, what could have been and what it is has made me shake my head. Let the UN vote on our chemical weapons findings. We are becoming more and more NAZIfied, which may lead to the third world war, and when that happens , realize that is on us, on our pathetic leaders and brainwashed civilians. Lets become the land of the free again, instead of the land of the consumer.

I moved to the U.S.A. about 4 months ago, from Canada. I will always be a patriotic Canadian, but I am loving it here in Louisville!

Metric is far better, arguing this baffles my mind! We divide by 10. Our freezing point is “0 degrees celcius,” what a concept! Minus 1 is 1-below freezing.

Let’s see if we can beat Liberia and Burma to the Metric System, they are the only other two countries that remain Imperlialized.
I love America. Please adopt the Metric System, start recycling please!

Just a heads up, the measurement system currently in use in the United States of America is the US customary system NOT the Imperial customary system of measurement. They are very similar but they are not the same.

[…] Lalu negara mana saja sih yang menggunakan satuan ukuran yang ‘aneh’ dan membingungkan itu? (menurutku) Yeaaaahhh bayangkan saja, feet (kaki), cup (cangkir) apa bukan ukuran yang membingungkan? bagaimana kalau kakinya lebih pendek, bagaimana kalau kakinya lebih panjang? Atau bagaimana kalau cangkirnya kecil atau malah cangkir jumbo seperti di rumah makan Ampera atau warung tegal? Lucu kan…. Hahaha tentu saja tidak begitu karena ukuran tersebut sudah ada standarnya dengan jelas dan kembali akan dikonversikan ke dalam meter, kilogram dan lain lain, kembali ke metric system. Nah ternyata ada tiga negara yang menggunakan ukuran lain selain metric system, negara tersebut adalah Amerika, Liberia dan Myamar […]

The war of 1812 was between the British (Canada) and the USA. They were not on the same side. Get your facts right.

It’s hard to believe that the USA is still using the old and inconvenient imperial system of measurement. I think that says a lot about Americans’ strong resistance to adapt to the rest of the world and accept change. Another good example is the fact they still use 1-dollar paper money. It is probably the only country in the world that hasn’t changed to coins for lower denominations, which are vastly cheaper in the long run than paper money. The average life span of a 1-dollar bill is only 1-1/2 to 2 years, but Americans passionately refuse to change to coinage to replace paper money.

Off topic but in response to another post here, is the notion the America is the epitome of freedom. Can Americans still actually believe this? In my opinion, the passing of the “Patriot Act” has made the USA one of the most suppressed countries in the world. In how many countries do the police have a right to enter your house and take you away to be incarcerated without charges, without allowing you to contact anyone, and can keep you secretly locked away indefinitely without even an explanation? Very very few, I would think. North Korea is likely one of the only other ones (assuming the US media is honest about what is reported).

I like the USA, mostly, but I wish there weren’t so many of its citizens who blindly and foolishly wave the flag while taking it up the backside from the powers that be.

The U.S. has been using both the Metric and Imperial sytems since 1875 with equal ability. That is why The United States is The ONLY super power in the world….and of course our Belief in a higher power….and I’m not talking about that unqualified decietful/ hater shoe salesman Obama.

@Gary. “it leads the world in public education”. Don`t just start telling “facts” just because you like hearing them. Finland actually has the best public education in the world. Look it up. And don`t get me wrong, I`m not finnish, I`m romanian, and romanians are winning every single year medals at the math/other olympics. Most of them being gold. But still, Finland has the best public education.

I think the people who dislike the imperial system are to arrogant to learn the system correctly. Lets face it we will never get rid of the Imperial system just look at sockets they come in 1/4” – 3/8” – 1/2” – 3/4” you will never find a Metric drive its all imperial. Dealing with metric being divisible by 10 the classic Imperial ‘foot’ is divisible by 12 and living close to the Canadian border for most my life its necessary to know both and fluently. In the end I stand by the Imperial system because I prefer to use fractions over decimals. Lets be honest the Imperial names sound way better than Metric an Inch to a centimeter its too much of a mouth full. Yard to a Meter and a Mile to a Kilometer. Metric just sounds Gay really.

There are two types of countries.

1) those who use the metric system
2) those who have been to the moon.


As an American, I just wanted to bring up the fact that America is the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of area and population. We have a lot of tools, and produce a lot of goods. The monetary cost for us to change our entire country from Imperial to Metric so that the rest of the world doesn’t have to buy an extra set of wrenches seems a bit trivial. I guess the only thing I can suggest, if the Imperial system is a problem, is to buy local.

Great discussion, if people can see beyond politics.

USA does not really produce much anymore, everything is made in China. Good luck finding a microwave, dishwasher, etc made in USA.

Most cars, even USA made ones also use metric (not for everything), but ask a mechanic, you need both set when working on a USA made car.

Fahrenheit is more precise for degrees than Celcius, true. But 0 for Freezing and 100 for boil is simple and easy. In the same vein, mm is more precise than 1/16 inch…etc!

The decline of the USA is partly due for not adopting metric

First off, I say you worry about your own country rather than worrying about others’.

Secondly, it’s funny how everyone loves to criticize others governments, rules and regulations and ways of living, but never their own.

Step aside, son.

Yes, the United States uses the Imperial system. It is also the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. Second, if their government was as bad as you say, how could they achieve the great successes that they have? Remember who saved who during WWII

@ BigMac: I presume that your comment was addressed to Mr. “Eff-You-See-Kay the USA!” so allow him to clarify. He said: “…So many redneck Americans hate on the French, when it was the French who helped us fight for independence from Perfidious Albion in the 18th Century, *the British who fought two wars with us (Revolutionary War, War of 1812)* and dragged/tricked us into fighting another war for them (World War One). Americans want to be the new British Empire. …” I think it should be obvious that by “the British who fought two wars with us” the meaning of “with” clearly meant “against.” [Hence why the War of 1812 was listed alongside the American Revolutionary War. Granted I probably should have probably used the less ambiguous phrasing “the British who fought two wars against us” but it should have been obvious from the context.] Also, by “dragged/tricked us into fighting another war for them” I merely meant “another war” (not necessarily FOR THEM). I was very much aware that the War of 1812 was Americans vs. British! So before you insinuate that I should get my facts right, kindly improve your fucked up reading comprehension.

Then again, I suppose Bic Mac’s borderline illiteracy is a side effect of the rather poor American public education system, worst in the developed world, or else one of the only three alternatives WORSE than American public schools. (Namely [a] charter schools, [b] homeschooling, or [c] some cheap private school affiliated with some fundy brand of Protestantism.)

@ Dp:
“The U.S. has been using both the Metric and Imperial sytems since 1875 with equal ability.”

Bullshit! (Not whether or not the U.S. has been using both the Metric and Imperial systems since 1875, but EQUAL ABILITY?)

“That is why The United States is The ONLY super power in the world…”

Every time I state that “that is the stupidest thing I ever read” I find something possibly stupider. Maybe I’m not as good at history, but I would hazard a guess that the reason why the United States is the only super power in the world probably has more to do with the fact that the Second World War destroyed or weakened the competition (except for the Soviet Union), because nukes, and because the Soviet Union (the only other “superpower”) fell apart. In either case, I’m pretty sure measuring systems have fuck all to do with it.

“and of course our Belief in a higher power”

YAY! Hooray for superstition!

“and I’m not talking about that unqualified decietful/ hater shoe salesman Obama.”

Okay, I’ve heard all sorts of ridiculous defamatory allegations made against Obama. (You know how he’s a crypto-Muslim, wasn’t born in the USA, etc.) But hater shoe salesman? That’s a new one. I never knew that Mr. Obama was ever a shoe salesman, let alone a hater shoe sales man. Does anybody know where I can find hater shoes?

@ James: I can’t tell if you are in junior high, a severely immature high school student with mildly below average intelligence, or a retarded adult.

“I think the people who dislike the imperial system are to arrogant to learn the system correctly.”

Is it really arrogant to prefer a decimal system with units derived from Earthbound references and the thermodynamic properties of water OVER a system based on the foot length of a long dead king?

“In the end I stand by the Imperial system because I prefer to use fractions over decimals.”

Decimals ARE fractions you innumerate imbecile! (And I keep reading that lameass argument. How are “fractions” incompatible with Metric?)

“Lets be honest the Imperial names sound way better than Metric an Inch to a centimeter its too much of a mouth full. Yard to a Meter and a Mile to a Kilometer.”

Because James is too lazy to bother with multisyllabic words. By reducing units of measurement to monosyllabic grunts, he avoids the extra work and frees up more time to grab another microwave burrito and cram it down his fat fucking gullet.

“Metric just sounds Gay really.”

The above “argument” is about the best James could do with his severely limited intellect.

@ Paul: first off, when did Liberia or Burma go to the moon? Your simplistic list does not take that into account. And second off, go red herring arguments! WHOO!

@ Jason: I applaud you for at least attempting an intellectual argument. In doing so you managed to not embarrass the shit out of your compatriots. (The same does not apply for virtually everyone else to argue against Metric here.) Yours is an appeal to pragmatism, but I find it a bit lazy. But considering that there are two countries: Russia and Canada; that are larger than the USA, and two: China and India; that are more populous, and last time I checked all four use Metric. What’s your excuse? (The Chinese manufacture way more shit than we do!) How about using one thing the Americans got right, namely FEDERALISM, to get there? Ever think of converting measuring systems state-by-state?

For all of you apologists for American superiority – each and every one of you suck sweaty donkey balls!!! The United States is the greatest country in the world because we grow more food, have more innovation, and enjoy the greatest system of government. If you don’t like the country, get the f*k out and go live in Iran, North Korea, or Myanmar. We don’t need as s clowns like you using up valuable space that somebody who really wants to be here could use!!!

To fellow Americans who oppose metric, you do know the American Military uses metric right?
What do you have against the military using metric? If you’re not with us then you must be against us. Why do you hate our troops? If you are opposed to metric you must hate our troops…how unpatriotic. Why do you hate America so much. True patriots love metric. Get on board with true American patriots and push for metrication of the USA!

@Bob the Janitor: don’t use words you don’t understand. Please, google what apologist means. Hint, hint: it does not mean what you thing it means…

To all those ignorant Americans:
If you add the population of those countries in the world that still use the very backwards imperial system (USA, Myanmar, Liberia) it totals around 5% of the worlds population. So your are well in the minority. Come on people… embrace the future and get with program. Even us Brits (who invented the imperial system) let it go in the 70’s. Although we still use some imperial units in day to day life like ‘home many miles to Manchester?’, ‘can I have a pint of beer’ etc. All official measurements are SI units… like the rest of the world! So my litre is the same as a litre in Japan, and not a US gallon is different to a gallon anywhere else in the world. Well done USA at being utterly insular, and not even realising it. I applaud your ignorance.

To: Karl
From: Ignorant American
There have been many things that the United States has decided to do differently than the U.K. To begin with, there was the whole taxation matter that caused the separation of our tiny colonies from, what was at the time, a world super power. Since then, we have prided ourselves on being friendly with, but different from the U.K. I completely understand that we are a minority compared to the world’s population but we managed to secure our liberty with only 3% of our population. With that said, I’m beginning to see a trend with our being different. So as I do respect your opinion, because our constitution allows that freedom here, I feel as if your comment was utterly unnecessary. The Metric system is a very useful measurement system but we will continue to respectfully be different. If you’re in a profession that requires you to deal with the conversion of these measurements on a daily basis, I would suggest seeking employment elsewhere. One thing I find interesting about your comment is that you mentioned the use of imperial measurements in daily speech. If you are so upset about our use of a dated system, why are you not with the times and using the correct units? You have had decades to adjust to the change, get with the times. In the mean time there is no reason to get so worked up about something you cannot control. With that said, I am going to go relax by shooting one of my many personally owned guns, after driving to the range on the right side of the road. Good day sir.

Dear Karl,

I hate to inform you, well I really don’t, the imperial system is a standard system across the world. A gallon in the US would be the same amount of liquid as a gallon in Japan if they used it. The benefit of the metric system is that it is neatly divisible; 10 units of a smaller unit make 1 of the next larger unit.


Sadly you have confirmed another point of Karl. IGNORANCE

there are many different gallons, even with in US there are two, “gallon” and “dry gallon”!!!!

he gallon is a measure of liquid capacity in both the US customary units and the British imperial systems of measurement. Three significantly different sizes are in current use: the imperial gallon (≈ 4.546 L), which is used in the United Kingdom, Canada, and some Caribbean countries; the US gallon (≈ 3.79 L), which is used in the US and some Latin American and Caribbean countries; and the least-used US dry gallon (≈ 4.40 L).

USA! USA! USA! USA!USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! We have the best system in the world all the rest can take a meter stick and stick it up there asses. Your mom was so impressed with the inches of my dick that she started to drip US gallons of cum. By the way, your mother is so fat that she weighs around 300 pounds (WHICH IS NOT CURRENCY YOU JADED CUNT) so I ran away at 20 miles per hour.

I just can’t help but comment on the irony that encompasses Karl Slingo’s post on February 4th. I find it laughable that in a post where you are chastising others for being “ignorant” your own grammar is comparable to that of a small child (the your vs you’re error- really?).

Just sayin’

USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! I walked over to the gas station at a speed of 3 miles per hour. Then I

I truly hate being in the United States. The people here are the most racial amd ignorant of all the people in the world. They use so-called laws to institute their racial hatred and then get mad when people talk about it. Of course the U.S.A.ddoesn’t want to modernize like the rest of the world they want to stay backwater idiots who purposely do things different just to show the world beong backwater idiots is cool, but its not. Like this thing says forst we should try and get a decent govt then we should worry about the metric system Lol. It’s a known fact that a party of out right racists can vie for the highest office of this country and no one even cares. The U.S.A. is garbage and that is coming from a hard working American whimo has work harder than this his white counterparts because racial privilege still exists in a country that prides itself on freedom. A country where if you want to be a serial killer,rapist or child molseter all you have to do is become a police officer. Good old U.S. of A. Smh

As just one small business owner of a precision machining company, it would cost me well into 6 figures (or possibly even 7 figures) to “just” convert to the metric system. It begins with converting blueprints from inch to millimeter. Blueprints are legal documents and it is not a single step of changing the units – it is a time consuming process of checks and double-checks. We have thousands of blueprints. After that each product must go through a verification process that it still functions properly when produced to the new blueprint.

And we are just now getting to other documents and measurement instruments that must be purchased for measuring the parts to the metric system. A single gauge may cost $10k or more.

Now take my one shop and apply those costs to the entire U.S. economy. Do you really think metrification is simple and wouldn’t devastate an already fragile system? All of this to simply have everyone speak a universal language of measurements. I’ll agree to do it when everyone across the world only agrees to speak English.

The US does use the metric system. The inch, mile, ounce, pound, and so on have for quite some time been defined based on metric measurements! Go look it up!!!

The US just uses different metric units (inch, mile, ounce, pound, etc.) than those used by most other countries (meter, kilogram, etc.).

As an American forced into subjugation by an antiquated system of weights & measures, I must say I shake my head sadly in shame. First, to the machine shop owner: sorry, it costs money to do business in the world market. The government should compensate for reasonable costs associated with being part of the global economy. Second, “we will continue to respectfully be different” means we’re arrogant bastards too stupid to adjust to: a) a more efficient, intuitive method of weighing and measuring, and b) the stubborn American child who throws a tantrum, “me, me, me…I am right!” 3 countries put of 190- some odd countries don’t use the metric system. Americans are just too stupid to adjust. The rest of the world should get hip.

Zach said, “We have the best system in the world all the rest can take a meter stick and stick it”

Actually, Zach, the “system” we have is the leftovers of the pre-Imperial British system. It was so bad even the British improved it in 1824. Our gallon and bushel were defined by British Parliament around 1700. Does that make you a proud American?

We chose to sign the Treaty of the Meter in 1875, but people like you continue to want to be British and use the leftovers of our former king. Not me. We have been part of the development and improvements of the the International System since 1875. Lets use it, not our former master’s leftovers.

You are all fighting about a system of fucking measurement. Get over yourselves you primordial insects. No system of measurement can measure how fucking childish you all are.
Xoxo – USA, high school junior

Oh my gosh, can any country ever get along? All I see here is arguing maybe you should stop calling me ignorant, and say that EVERY country has ignorant people. Not all of us are ignorant if you think that, then you are ignorant. America has also helped many countries, and you may have not been here if we didn’t exist. I’m not saying America didn’t get help either, but we did help a lot in ww1 and ww2.

Why is USA so ahead of the times with everything except for measurements? Its embarrassing 🙁

Im British as well, and you’re saying what ever you said as if its the citizens of America’s fault, why are you blaming them?? Its only a system that not every country agrees with, why does it matter so much? Its not like if they don’t agree to the metric system the worlds going to end or something.

To K Bounds
Choosing the Imperial system for the sake of nonconformity would be well and good if it didn’t cost us money while making us a laughing stock of the academic world. One of the biggest recent blows to the US space program, having to repair the Hubble Space Telescope a few years back, cost millions of dollars and was entirely because a single engineer neglected to convert from imperial to metric. What use is that? What do we benefit from making everything more difficult and complicated just for the sake of being contrarian? We’re basically that goth kid at school who wears all black with tons of make-up, hoodies, and heavy chains dangling off his pants in the middle of summer. Not exactly worth the trouble.

This discussion truly saddens me. It may be an outdated system, but I believe that we will eventually transition to using the metric system. However, that does not make Americans any more ignorant than the people of any other country. Calling all Americans stupid only shows your own ignorance, because there are stupid people in every country, but also smart people in every country. These are the kinds of over-reaching generalizations that encourage true ignorance.

We actually use multiple measures in the USA. People forget, we are a democracy. Good or less than good, we don’t bow to every convention just to get go along with the herd. I remember the try to convert and no one made a compelling aguement for the change, other than “everyone else is doing it”, duh!
So I have two sets of tools for whatever I am working on. No one said Freedom was free.

Actually, you’re not a democracy, you’re a republic.

Your “tiny colonies” didn’t fight off big, bad, ol’ England all on its lonesome. I think the French and Spanish might be surprised to hear that. And the Dutch. Securing your freedom with only 3% of your population suggests that 97% were quite happy staying British. Even wikipedia says “The conflict then escalated into a world war with Britain combating France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Contemporaneous fighting also broke out in India between the British East India Company and the French allied Kingdom of Mysore.”

And I notice that freedom really only extended to roughly half of the non-indigenous population. You had to have a civil war before you let the other half free.

You also don’t need the constitution to allow you the freedom to respect someone else’s opinion…

Glad you’re going to shoot one of your personally owned guns. We also have many personally owned firearms. You could check out our firearms licensing legislation and see what you think?

If Zach is a typical example of an American citizen, then I truly pity you.

And we universally use miles in the appropriate manner. Our speed signs are in miles per hour, just like the speedometers in our cars. We have signs listing how far places are in miles (12 miles to London) and we work out how efficient our cars are in miles per gallon (odd, because we buy petrol in litres).

The post is bad propaganda: it is simply wrong. Two reasons: first, the metric system IS officially used and endorsed by the United States; second, customary units remain in common and widespread use in countries other than Myanmar and Liberia – including the United Kingdom and Ireland, at the very least.

The metric system has been the official standard in the United States since the Mendenhall Order of 1893, which established the legal dimensions of the commonly-used US Customary Units – in metric. They have been defined in metric ever since. And, no law prohibits the use of metric units in commerce in the US – it’s just that the law also provides for the use of Customary Units, properly defined in metric.

As an engineer, the confusion caused by having to convert nonsense imperial units during calculations makes it an terrible system. 1 page of calculations in metric has turned into 3 pages of the same calculation in imperial. Imperial is grossly inefficient and it’s use is responsible for many unnecessary accidents…including America’s NASA crashing the Mars probe, air crashes from lack of fuel, and numerous industrial explosions. But American’s love blowing stuff up for no reason so I imagine they will keep imperial BECAUSE it makes stuff break. I do feel sad for American scientists and engineers who are handicapped by this ridiculously outdated system when a vastly superior option is staring them in the face.

I am interested in what David J Sandmeyer says about the cost of metrication for his business. Here in the US General Motors, Ford and Chrysler started metrication back in the 1970s and are pretty close to complete today. GM found it cost more to create tracking procedures for metrication costs than it cost to metricate. Caterpillar and John Deere both changed to metric measures and both are glad they did. Mr. Sandmeyer says it would cost his company 6 figures or even 7 figures just to convert to metric measures. He mentions thousands of blueprints. Does he really need to convert all those blueprints? Are all those blueprints in active use now? I am pretty sure that GM didn’t convert all the blueprints they had on file; they probably converted some and built drew new ones for future car models in metric measures while the bulk of their stored blueprints were left in storage. I don’t know Mr. Sandmeyer’s business but I would ask if it is growing ie he is so busy with present work he doesn’t have time to think closely about any metrication scheme. Is his business making parts for others so he is constrained by their blueprints and nobody is asking for or demanding parts made to metric dimensions? Anyway I hope Mr. Sandmeyer checks in again to this blog and is willing to answer some of questions if he will.

do you know that the moon is moving away from the earth at 1.48 inches/year. you know how we know, the mirrors on the moon surface that allow you to bounce a laser beam back and calculate the distance to the moon. you know how those mirrors got there? that’s right bitches, the USA put them there. The only country to get there so suck it. Where’s your metric system now?

Three cheers for capitalism. If comapnies choose to convert or accommodate both systems because it is good for business, they will! Otherwise, who really cares! Most of us will contue out lives as normal using whichever system we are comfortable with, and if we need to adapt because of the goods we purchase, we will. Or we won’t, which gets back to whether it’s good for business. Yea capitalism!

Oh this is so funny! To read the abuse you all hand out so readily to eachother. Trouble is it’s not funny. It’s highly embarrassing! The reactions I’ve seen against the first comment have been so outlandish, frankly loutish behaviour. USA? I expected better. A little more self control. You really have shown yourselves to be as scared and paranoid as everyone already knew you to be. Your answer is to attack, attack, attack. Shame on you. Let’s face it, wasn’t this supposed to be a simple debate about metric/imperial?
Why so nasty over such a mediocre question?… Answer: Paranoia

There is a cost to going metric, but going metric does not happen overnight. It takes many many years. I lived through the UK change from imperial to metric. the change lasted probably 30 years. Even though certain things may become metric officially on a certain date, the important thing is to change the thinking of the people. That will take 20-30 years and involves teaching new measurement units right frm primary school and importantly teaching metric/imperial conversion so it becomes second nature. I now live in New Zealand, all metric here. Young kids dont know what imperial is. However us oldies who have been bought up on both still think in both, and choose which units they use in which circumstances. I never speak to young kids in imperial, but older guys may say something is 4ft long and between easch other we understand. But when you measure that 4ft to make it, it will all be measured in metric (dont actually own an imperial measuring tape anyway)

If it took a long time to convert to Metric for England, and I think Don knows about decimalisation and how that change went with the Brits, then it goes to show that we, as humans, do not always accept change. Right now, not a lot of Americans are ready to accept using the Metric system, as we were brought up with Imperial, plus, we will probably not want to convert until the change is smooth enough so that there will not be much difficulty in transitioning. Right now, considering Americans’ point of view, I’d say we are happy with our system and the British are happy with theirs (on a majority). But, as one to embrace the future, I will be content to converting. The trouble is, some of us (like Zach), no matter how obnoxious, view the Imperial system as a symbol of national pride, sort of like (I’m an American, so correct me if I’m wrong, as this is Wikipedia) the Tudor rose or the Coat of Arms. Which is ironic considering the origin of the Imperial system. Or as I prefer to call it, Customary. So long as we still spell doughnut donut and have fights instead of rows, we probably won’t convert to Metric unless something truly drastic occurs. Besides, what’s the use arguing about something that won’t change for at least another decade? It’s like a mini war here. I know we value national pride, but if it leads to arrogance and hatred towards people speaking the same language, albeit in different accents, then clearly we should stop. Not everyone will agree that one unit is better than the other. When my British friend comes over, I can explain to him about our measures without getting into a tizzy (sorry). Until than, we’ll be perfectly happy using pounds and ounces or litres (Brit spelling) and metres. And I think I wait until I’m really drunk until I stick a yardstick/meterstick up my a**.

Your Made in America friend,


It still amuses me so much that the average American commenting on here is so desperately stupid, I can imagine the intelligent Americans cringing at what is written in some of these comments, The best one for me is K Bounds “There have been many things that the United States has decided to do differently than the U.K.”
You mean like using the system we gave you way back then huh? Did I burst your bubble? Did you stupidly think you invented the imperial system? look up the word IMPERIAL you stupid dumb ass yank!

Honestly does it really matter what system of measurement we use as long as they are some what close to meshing that they work, which they do. For instance noticeably how interchangeable it is to go between differ wrenches and sockets like 3/4″ to 19mm, 1/2″ to 13mm and 5/16″ to a nominal 8mm. But, I also see that not all people are equally minded in their mental ability and what might be common sense to others is just rocket science to others, but then again knowledge is knowledge so take all you can perceive and simply discard the rest.


LOL!! I just googled how many countries still use the imperial system,and was shocked to see that there are only three. Reading some of the American responses/excuses make me laugh. Just think of all of the other countries that managed to change without causing some sort of financial meltdown. Get with the program people,you are not that special!

I’ve been born and raised in America. The US Congress did set a date for the US to covert to all metric. 2/8/82 – to make it easy, People just don’t relate to metric units here. When my son was ten, his mother essentially kidnapped him and took him to France. So to be able to communicate with him, I learned a bit about the metric system. The only part of the metric system that I find difficult to use or adapt to is temperature. Degrees in Centigrade are to big. With our scale, when someone asks “what’s it like out”, we respond “in the 80’s” So ironically Fahrenheit degrees can be used in groups of 10. With Centigrade, the degrees are about twice as large as ours. We can say “it’s in the 80’s” and we communicate usable information. To convey essentially the same information, in centigrade one would say “it’s mid 20’s almost 30”. As I said this is ironic as the decimal system is the driving force of metric, but temperature information doesn’t work well in centigrade (I know it’s now called Celsius, but my dad was an engineer and a proponent of the metric system, so he taught me “centigrade”. Aside from temperature, I would have zero problem using the metric system tomorrow. Over the past 25 or so years, a good friend of mine lived in Montreal Canada and I visited a few times a year, I found it quite easy to get used to, figuring out French road signs was a lot harder.
As one person pointed out, a change in the US to metric would indeed take 20 to 30 years. Basically just about everyone alive (say over age 20) would most likely never “think” in metric. We would learn a rough conversion formula and think in the current system and make conversions. Just like when someone is truly fluent in 2 languages, they can think in both. Younger people would learn to think in metric. In effect, metric used here in the US more than many people think. Everything medical is in metric units, alcohol is sold in liters, as is soda.

Reading these comments is an eye sore and that’s coming from a fictional character who has to deal with the joker. anyway America using the imperial system is in itself ironic and yes a lot of Americans are racists but as with a country that big of course you are going to get them just as Australia has bogans and brits have well i dunno poms maybe, but poms is for a certain way of speech not for ones attitude. to put it simply if you go to America and want nice people visit Gotham, and how do you visit Gotham you may ask well thats easy watch the show or read Batman comics. anyway for real world place to visit with nice Americans try California, LA just don’t go to florida whatever you do, just don’t go there, you would be better off in Texas.

You “Americans” aka United States citizens. Everyone in the Americas are Americans, please don’t ever call me American though. I’m Canadian and their just greedy war mongering pieces of filth.

Now to the point at hand. The imperial system comes from the country you faught against, England. You wanted freedom. Got it. You wanted to kill the “natives”, you did it. That’s why you all carry guns now. It’s the second amendment you retards.

Do you know how to count your own money? It goes up in tens right? That’s the metric system you idiots. It’s so simple and it’s always in your hands but your still too ignorant to figure it out.

The French figured it out. Eh why not just make a value that goes up by ten every time. We can kill the American brain. Don’t worry it’s not hard to do. They hate the British but they still are British, they just want to have guns and be really dumb.

There’s a reason why God put Canada on top of the world, so we could look down on Americans! You ignorant assholes

Can’t we look at what the countries have in common? We use the same time measurement, and we are all people.

I just realized that a Pascal is based on meters…

Sadly, both Canada and the UK don’t have a leg to stand on in this argument. I remember being in kindergarten in 1970 and getting a metric ruler, because “Canada was going metric”. Today, we have fruit and veg priced in metric (per 100g) and imperial $/pound, for similar stuff (some apples in metric, some by the pound) in the same store. Older people refer to cold temperatures in metric, minus 10 (C), but hot temperatures in Fahrenheit (it’s at least 80 degrees out there!). Go to the hardware store, and by “2×4” (inches). You’ll buy it in inches and feet. But look at the blueprints; they are in metric. Insane!

In the UK, distances and speeds are still in miles and miles per hour. Same issues with some food sold by the pound, some drink sold by the pint. It sucks! If you’re going to do it, do it right.

UK people, you will be sorely disappointed to hear at least one highway in the US is in metric:

That’s more than in the UK.

My only problem with the imperial system is that a) my hardware store sells garden hose with 1/2″ diameter, PVC hoses aren’t but garden hose to screw-on pipe connectors are and most screens are in inches. b) A lot of things on the internet (like a lot of Instructables pages and wikipedia) are based on inches, I once saw an equation which was like (length in something imperial * something else)^0.402, so you will be doing a lot more work.

And it is far easier to calculate with the metric system, 1m * 1s = 1m/s, which is speed, then there is acceleration like this: 9.81m/s², where you can calculate how fast you will be if you accelerate for x seconds with this formula: 9.81*x = speed in m/s, and to calculate how much force in newtons you need to accelerate a rocket you simply multiply the weight (let’s say 10 tonnes) by gravity which is around 9.81 m/s², let’s take 10m/s², that means that I need a thruster with 100kN force.

And it is much easier to use base 10 exponents for calculations.

oh my goodness! y’all are a bunch of grown adults and are acting like children. who cares at this point who uses what system, y’all are embarrassing yourselves! correcting grammar, calling each other “ignorant” and other profanity? that is the work of second graders if you ask me.

all i wanted to do was find out what countries still use the imperial system for my sophomore year chemistry homework and to find this? y’all didn’t even use sources! dear god please go outside and appreciate the night sky or the wind over the ocean and just loVE YOURSELVES this is such a petty argument

“Just remember there are two types of countries on this earth: those who use the metric system, and those who have walked on the moon.”





That would have come across a lot better if it hadn’t been in all caps, which is effectively yelling.

That aside …

Some of us are simply adept at arithmetic and can actually do conversions, so we usually find better things to whinge about. Well, until we head for the pub, because UK pints are bigger than US pints, and you’d better not be shortchanging us by serving those US things. Then it’s bloodsport.

Metric makes more sense unless you have 12 fingers. And good grief, have you seen how many standards there are for knitting needles? The only one that is unambiguous is metric. A “Size 5 Needle” could be US size 5, UK size 5, or whatever the hell China uses. “3.75 mm”–that’s the same everywhere.

Knitting matters to me. And I’m old and cranky. Get off my lawn.

One last question:

The one-pound, 24-karat gold macaroni noodle that Kraft foods is giving away: Is that an Imperial pound or a Troy pound? Gold is measured in Troy ounces, and a Troy pound is smaller than an Imperial one.

So if anyone asks you “What weighs more: A pound of feathers or a pound of gold?” … it’s the feathers. Different pounds. Now you’re a pub trivia genius.

Why are you still on my lawn? Get off my lawn.

Why is it that so few of the people here have good grammar? It is because most of them are either in 30 and are upset about how they live in their parents basement due to an inability to get a good job because of their choice in higher education, or they are sniveling 13 year olds who are sitting in study hall at school, pretending to do school work, but instead wasting their parents/taxpayers money.

It’s not about cultures or traditions. It’s about what makes sense. As science advances globally, a common and consolidaed system is necessary.
Here is a simple breakdown of the two systems:
In metric, one milliliter of water occupies one cubic centimeter, weighs one gram, requires one calorie of energy to raise its temrature by one degree, which is one percent of the difference between its freezing point and boiling point. An amount of hydrogen weighing the same amount has exactly one mole of atoms in it.
Whereas in the American system, the answer to “How much energy does it take to boil a room-temperature gallon of water?” is “Go fuck yourself” because you can’t relate any of those quantities.


I’m from the USA myself, and I admit that most of the people here are obese idiots. But apart from that thought a lot of people are stupid here, and some are really fucking childish too. Yes, i agree we should change to the metric system, but when you start thinking you realize how much money that would be, it’s just a kind of stupid thing to do. All the road signs that say something like “San Francisco, one mile ahead” or something similar. If only the USA could’ve started before. And i do respect some others ideas, I just think it’s not worth it.

I am a American and metric is used in school and in scientific thing also products are packaged in metric containers labeled in both metric and American units

Well there are more for sure besides those three. First England really not just metric. They still use the stone for body weight all road signs are in miles and try ordering a liter of beer in a pub that’s still a pint ( milk and cider too). The country of Belize still uses the imperial system as well. So there are two more countries not on that list. Makes you wonder about the original writer and the lemmings who just follow along.

Well, this thread deteriorated fast. We now see the cancer of society at its finest and this is how our country is quickly deteriorating, seriously.

With that said, I spent 7 years living overseas. At first, I had a hard time adjusting to the metric system but after acclimating to the units of measure I find it super easy to work with. Take building something for example, you can do all the calculations in your head without having to figure out fractions and translating to lowest common denominator. Working on equipment it’s easy to know what size up from a 9mm socket you need (10mm for the cancer). What the next size up from a 1/4″ socket or a 5/16″ inch socket?…yeah….unnecessary extra conversion required. Pretty easy to know freezing is 0C and boiling is 100C and calculate temperature variables .

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I was taught in both imperial and metric when at school. I can do most calculations of conversion in my head and have been able to since I was about 8. Either way doesn’t really bother me….although if I could order a litre of beer in the pub for the same price as a pint is now – good good (1.75 Pints = 1 Litre). However if it was the other way round (half litre for the same price) not so good (0.87 Pint = 0.5 Litre). 😉

Why do Americans think Brits all speak metric? We don’t. We speak a mixture of both. If someone tells me they were going 80kmph (which no1 ever would anyway its just for the sake of argument) then id have a rough idea of how fast they were going buy id be thinking how many mph is that as that’s what we Brits think in. We also by pints of beer and milk even though milk is labelled in ml but we don’t say “I’m off to get however ml 1 pint of milk is from the shop” we say I’m off to get a pint of milk. If measuring ourselves we say it in feet and inches although younger generations like me below 30 or so do understand meters as they have been drummed in to us. I for example know 6ft 2 is 188 cm. Oh and we also weigh ourselves in stones although I’m not very good at understanding pounds in large amounts. Don’t really here anyone say I’m 200lbs they say I’m 14 stone 7lbs or whatever it is. Anyway my point is made. Why would Brits work in any other way anyway seems they are the ones the imperial system originated with.

And yes I know how to spell i wrote it quickly is all. I know some jumped up moron is going to call me out on it so thought id defend myself before it happens

While it may seem to make sense for America to change to the metric system, do you have any idea how much that would cost to do? Seriously, every single distance and speed limit sign would have to be changed out. And that’s just one example. If you think of the price to switch, versus the positives of switching, it just doesn’t make sense. Unless the countries complaining about it want to cover the cost. Then I and many others would say hell yes, go for it. LOL

Americans are very, very conservative. For this reason they kept the Imperial System. But soon, things will change. To this end, Americans must elect a true leader that will have the drive and the courage to take the nation, screaming and yelling, into the 21st century.

First of all, it’s is up to the citizens of the United States to decide what system they want to use. We are a recalcitrant nation full of dissenters. Perhaps you all have forgotten how this nation was formed. Also, perhaps you have forgotten who pulled the rest of the world out of the largest war this earth has ever faced. While the “progressive” European nations were struggling for their survival… you didn’t mind our gallons, pints and inches then. We will switch when we want to switch and not a moment sooner. No amount of European pressure is going to change us. It didn’t work in 1776 and it won’t work now.

Imperial America invaded Afghanistan to “liberate” them and then ran away with their tails between their imperial legs.
Next Imperial America invaded Iraq to steal oil (to recover the horrible costs in Afghanistan) in imperial barrels with imperial attitudes. The resulting explosion in terrorism that afflicts the world is ignored because of how they “saved the people” of Afghanistan and Iraq.

For Imperial America’s “intervention” in the Arab nations others are paying with their blood – maybe, just maybe if America drops the imperial system they might reconsider their imperial attitudes and get their heads out of 1776 at the same time.

Wtf do these last two political rants have to do with the metric system? USA should go metric. i cant stand having to convert everything at work its unnecessary. The metric system makes more sense period. We already use it in science because…its easier. Im american btw.

As an American, I just don’t see the benefit of one system over the other. Besides the fact everyone else uses it, what makes it so much better than English units of measurement?

People keep commenting on Americans using the imperial instead of the metric system . We don’t . We use the United States customary measurements a volumetric square foot is the same in both systems but gallons, ounces, etc are all different . American gallons are about 20% larger than imperial gallons. I grew up using both US and metric systems. My issues with metric in everyday and not scientific use are; the meter is hard to relate to 1.9 meters tall for a male measurement feels less accurate than 5’10” And switching to decimeter so or centimeters doesn’t make it feel more relatable or intuitive. Plus fractions feel more intuitive to me than decimals. As far as scientific use the metric system is far far far superior. In every way . It just its the metric system was set as One ten millionth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole . Now it’s pinned to the speed of light in a vacuum. About 298,000,000kmph in a vacuum. If it were set to 1,000,000,000kmph in a vacuum then a meter would be very close in size to a foot and all benifits of the metric system would be maintained .

Please do some research.
US gallons are not larger than British gallons.
3.785 litres to the US gallon,
4.546 litres to the British.

I think my favourite argument on here is “Actually, Belize use it as well.” Ah the four world superpowers!

I am aware that, as a Brit, who invented the imperial system, and as a European (as we thankfully are for now) I do use a mixture of both which isn’t ideal. However it means we can cope with both. Someone tells me something is 10km away or 10 miles away and it’s easy to visualise both.

Everyone can get very excited about which system to use but the simple fact of the matter is metric as far more logical, far simpler. When dealing with a globalised economy having a simple and universal system of measurement is important. America are being pretty backward in not adopting the metric system.

Don’t get me started on the way the date is written…

Thanks to the Internet… We are able to have this discussion. Guess who brought you the Internet… MERICA! BAHAHAHA!

Why does the US insist on having 100 cents in a dollar – The main symbol of America’s world power is metric! HA HA HAAA!

Ricky Bobby, the internet was invented in Europe -Switzerland to be exact- in CERN, by an English person. Additionally pertaining to the article, the other two mentioned countries are in the process of switching to the metric system, despite the costs, it would make life easier to just either adopt the metric system or integrate it so it could be used interchangeably.

I love the incredulous Americans on here asking, “Do you know how much it would cost to switch to metric?”
Yes. We do. We did it.

America is filthy rich, it shouldn’t be that hard to change to the more universal system used by pretty much the entire world.

Most of the so-called imperial system is based on obsolete Medieval French systems which the Normans brought over when they invaded Britain. That includes the pound sterling. That is why pounds weight is abbreviated to lbs and not pds and the symbol for the pound sterling is and elaborated L. Of course, we also used the German Fahrenheit system for measuring temperature and the Nordic/Germanic Schilling as part of our currency. Really logical so far.

Of course in the case of the mile that was a Roman invention and there are as many variations as there are countries almost (The English, The Irish, the Italian, the Swedish and so on and on), not forgetting that we have two variations at least in the UK i.e. the imperial mile of 1760 yards and the Nautical mile of 2000 yards.

Have you ever tried to multiply fractions? Don’t forget that the imperial system also includes Rods, Poles and Perches as well as chains to measure length (to help here 1 Chain = 1/8th Imperial mile while Rod, Pole or Perch = 1/4 Chain or 1/64th mile – does that make it easier?). Volume calculations include the Bushel (again from France). A bushel in the UK is 8 gallons (64 imperial pints) or 36.4 Litres while in the US it is 64 US pints or 35.2 litres. Let’s not forget the peck (1/4 bushel) and the kenning (2 pecks).

Of course, the differences between the UK imperial measuring system and the NEARLY similar US system makes conversion fraught with difficulties and dangers. It is much easier to use the much simpler and universal Metric system which (for you Americans) is not overseen by the French or Germans but by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) which meets in Switzerland and has representatives from all countries which use the system (including the good ‘ole US of A).

To Joe Myer above, Belize may use the Imperial system but with a population of 400.00 or so it is the size of a secondary city here in the UK so hardly merits mentioning.

The Imperial system is European. In Myanmar they use an Asiatic system.

This sentence is wrong: Of all the countries in the world, only three backwaters still use the archaic Imperial system of weights and measures.

It should say: Of all the countries in the world, only three backwaters still use their own archaic system of weights and measures.

In Australia 1973 -1976 they changed to metric and phased the use over about 3 years. I then worked for an American products company in Australia.

So I am reasonably fluent in both systems and so which is the best we question ?

who cares , just make sure the pilot of the plane and the tanker driver filling it does not mix them up as they fly around world ( re: air crash investigation’s)

Lets talk about just standardizing air craft fuel fill to either gallons or litres now that is worth talking about for a reason.

the US of A use the imperial system but they use the metric system in engine sizes like the 5.7 and 6.2 if the older people asked what is a 5.7 I have to tell them it is a 350 cu. in.
I still have to look up what a 2.2 lt. engine is
Here in Canada we are metric But when I go to buy lumber it is still a 2×4 and
4×8 sheet and we use 16 in. Centre
So we use both.

To be fair. In Britain we do serve beer (and milk) in pints, and spirits in 1/5 Gill. You could order 568.261 mls of beer but you would get funny looks. Our road signs still show distance in miles and our speed limit signs and speedometers are in MPH.

@theacademic a simple Google search proves the US invented the internet. Your Brit at Cern only invented http.

In the US we have the freedom of choice to measure any way we please. If you don’t like the US system, stay the fuck out of this country. The last thing we need here is more godless british and european trash. Even in Canada the metric system has been an ultimate failure. Don’t believe me?? Go to ANY store in canada, ALL of the food is advertised by the POUND with kg in very small print. Ask any canadian how tall he is or how much he weighs, and they will ALWAYS tell you in lbs and feet and inches. NEVER in metric. I’ve yet to meet any canadian who weighs themself by the kg. They would drive in miles and buy gas by the gallon, but it would be cost prohibitive to switch back, it was horrendously expensive to switch to the metric system there. Canadians still QUOTE distance in miles and feet and inches. As i said before if you don’t like the way we measure in america then stay the fuck out. WE WILL NOT BE DICTATED TO AS TO HOW TO MEASURE ANYTHING. Remember we are the superpower of the world and the world’s policeman, so your metric system doesn’t mean fuck all to us. We don’t want it or like it. A few socialist americans want to go to metric, but 99% of us will NEVER use it

The best argument I have seen for conversion to metric is that it is standardized, a meter is a meter everywhere, whereas the Imperial system (or whatever it is called in each country that uses it) varies from country to country, e.g., a pound is not the same eveywhere. Any US company doing business internationally must be fluent in both systems and be comfortable buying goods in one system and selling in the other, which is a great opportunity for mistakes. Ever hear of the Mars Surveyor Orbiter? That one mistake in units cost us a cool $300,000,000. Having been taught the US system in elementary school I had to learn the metric system later to work in scientific research. Unfortunately, that has meant that I default to each system depending on use and memorized the conversion factors (1 lb = 453.54 g, 1 in = 2.54 cm etc.). That was a real pain before calculators!

Unfortunately, this thread is an example of a greater problem we now have, thanks, in a large part to the internet. We no longer treat each other with respect, and seem to no longer be able to carry on a civil conversation or able to agree to disagree without becoming vulgar or vile.

I think you should set a reminder every four years to update your comment on the government…

I live in Puerto Rico which was a Spanish colony from 1493 to 1898. Now as a U.S. territory for almost 120 years, we have a mixture of both systems. Our distances and highway exit markers are in KM, and we sell gasoline and other fluids in liters, yet we buy cars based on MPG. We can buy in both kg and pounds, and also use both grams and ounces. So we have a mixture of systems and many residents are confused for the mix. As an engineer, I was trained in both systems, so I can mentally calculate between them. But I expect the U.S> to lead and convert to the worldwide Metric so we can also go back to the Metric system we used before.

BTW, there is a “metric ton”, which is equal to one thousand kg or one million grams, or correctly one megagram. That does sound better than tons.

I am amazed that everyone who cited their own preference sees it purely from their personal need or want versus what the reality was. The reality is this. America lead the industrial revolution. You can argue the UK did or some other nation was a strong part. It’s irrelevant. Planes, cars, engines and the overall economy of the USA has lead the world. The economic super power. That said, right or wrong, the machines and standards put in place to make steel are rooted in designs everywhere. US steel is not metrically sized. Sorry. All the other nations have now learned to speak English because the USA is the largest market. We don’t need to change as we have the largest economy. It ends there. I can convert back and forth without issue. Deal with it. Otherwise stop buying Coke and speaking English.

I think this is a fucking waste of time to rant and rave about “backwaters” if y’all live in one :D… But seriously, so what if we use the metric system, we don’t complain that you have different spellings or words. Oh, and stop bitching about how British English should just be “English”, as far as I can tell, no one gives a rats ass or mentions that Mexican/South American Spanish should be just “Spanish”, so STFU and stop crying ya S.O.Bs.

as a European, working in the oil & gas industry I’m used to using both SI and UCS. This experience learned me that (for me) the SI is superior to the UCS. Many Americans I work with agree and many of your US science publication use SI, as does the US military according to the above discussions. Why still use UCS? I think only because users feel comfortable with its use. Personally I can “visualize” a 16″ pipe better than a 400 mm pipe but they have the same dimension, but only because I was educated with “imperial” pipe sizes. So one generation can make the switch! The days that the US economy ruled the world are gone. Yes you are still very important but the USA (and other western economies) are over the hill. Others will become more powerful but over time will be replaced with newer powers.Check history and you will know.

Poppycock. Greetings from Marshall Islands. We use miles too. So do our cousins in FSM (Kosrae, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Yap).

As a Canadian, I generally use metric, but I do fall back to pounds and inches when talking about height, room sizes, and building decks or other home improvement project. Part of that is probably due to the fact that I was 12 years old when Canada started switching to metric.

I went back to University when I was about 45 to get a few courses, to wrap up my degree. I remember being physics, with the rest of the class being the early 20 something. The professor tried to present a physics problem in imperial units and there was almost a riot. I guess these kids have never seen a problem presented in anything except cgs (centimetres, grams, second) or mks (meters, kilograms, seconds). The students told the professor that they were not going to solve problems in archaic units of measurement. To these kids (young adults), inches & pounds were about as foreign as chains and stones, were to my generation.

The USA is metric when it comes to Science and Industry and Commerce.

The resistance is really at the consumer level in the USA. But things will change as the younger generation realizes that it’s a lot easier to do base 10 arithmetic in your head rather than dealing in crazy conversion factors on a calculator.

The metric system is way too easy to teach anywhere. Lets confuse our lower IQ kids with fractions that won’t use he rest of their lifes.

Any particular reason why you left out the UK and NI, who still use the mile?

Obviously a US based article which typically fails to be accurate. The UK and Northern Ireland still use Inperial measurements.

What’s your excuse for all of your bad grammar? Does America not speak English anymore? Gonna blame the education system? Or are you just complacent in your willful ignorance? You wrote a narrow opinion based on no research or history, and you couldn’t even do it well. Fucking joke of an arrogant, tiny man.

had metrics long as i can remember but got funny look when asked for a 30 cm sub at subway . Girl serving didnt know what i was talking about till i said 12 inch . She was prob about 16 or 17 well within the metric age ( NZ got metrics from 1967 till 1975 ) , realised 12 inch sub was a brand . btw petrol is in litres and weight in kg.

David Souza and Dexter, the US has more immigrants coming here than any other country in the world. Any intelligent person would realize that’s because it’s pretty awesome here. Don’t hate, educate.

“Of all the countries in the world, only three backwaters still use the archaic Imperial system of weights and measures”

Inflammatory calling the United States of America backwater! Here’s the real reason why the USA never switched to the Metric System. They tried back in the early 70’s, but the U.S. business economy juggernaut just couldn’t do it. Remember, in WWII, the USA was the 7th military might in the world…7TH!!! Admiral Yamamoto of Japan said that they would have to win the war in two years or he feared the USA’s economic capability would be overwhelming. He was right. 1941-1945…four years and our military might of men and machines was utterly demolishing all enemies in its path, ON TWO FRONTS!!! Let me just give you some perspective of how big the USA is to other countries using the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the total value of goods produced and services provided in one year. #1 is the USA at 18-Trillion US Dollars, #2 is China at 11-trillion USD, #3 is Japan at 4.1-Trillion, #4 is Germany with 3.6-Trillion USD, just 1 state out of 50 states–California, is the 5th biggest Economic Power in the world at 2.7-Trillion, surpassing #6 the United Kingdom at 2.6-Trillion, then at #10 in the world is Texas at 1.6-Trillion. This is leading somewhere…just hold on…one more point… Speaking of Texas, it’s just our 2nd largest state out of 50 states. However, Texas will swallow vast amounts of Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech republic, Austria, some of France, some of Italy, some of Poland, and some of the North Sea in just sheer land mass. That’s nine (9) countries and a sea competing in size just for our 2nd largest state. And don’t get me started on Alaska and California’s size, 12.5 Taiwans can fit in the state of California, 2.1 Texas’ can fit into Alaska.

My point is, the United States of America is HUGE!!! Not only is its land mass huge, but its states economies are huge, let alone all 50-states contributing to the number one economy in the world. Let’s see you change every cast, die, stamp, mold, fitting, piping, nut, bolt, screw, etc., of every bit of machinery, tool, production line, etc., in every city, in every county, in every state, in the entire United States, just because you want to conform to the rest of Europe, Asia, North and South America! Yeah, let’s just stop all production of Fords, across all models, pull out all our robotics and machinery on our production lines, and then reinstall all of it, just so we can conform to the metric system. That’s logical isn’t it??? Maybe instead, we can make a second production line for all our model lines, building brand new second factories, while the old “backwater” imperial system still pumps out new cars and trucks, so we don’t have to stop production, and we can still conform to the metric system! Yeah, let’s spend just a handful of trillions of dollars to do the second option, yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket! I picked Ford as opposed to a Silicon Valley Tech Company, Amazon, Apple, Google, because I know just 1 item, of just 1 model of Ford Motor Company, cost them an 8-week shut down of the model and cost over 359-million dollars to retool–the all aluminum body of the Ford F-150 Truck. Now multiply that by 17 models of Ford, then multiply that into Chevy, Chrysler, Lincoln, Cadillac, Dodge, Jeep, GMC, Buick, Ram, and finally Tesla. Now multiply by the tech industry (no don’t…I don’t want to give you a headache, there’s so many!!!), mining industry, aerospace industry, military industry, transportation industry, building/general contractors, cable/satellite/TV production/movie production industry, communication, clothing…shall I go on? And remember 50-states, with multiple counties (California has 58 counties), with thousands of cities…in each state, let alone the entire United States of America. So, it’s just not logical for the number 1 economic power in the world to retool, just so we can say, “Yay! We’re using the metric system now!” Now do you get the real reason?

If it still doesn’t make COMMON SENSE to you, then how about this…

California’s yearly economy is bigger than Finland, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Morocco, Ecuador, Kenya, Oman, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Syria, Tonga, Samoa, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Maldives, Barbados, Kosovo, Rwanda, Congo, Madagascar, Malta, Macedonia, Armenia, Albania, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Laos, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Papua New Guinea, Iceland, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Honduras, Nepal, Estonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, El Salvador, Paraguay, Cameroon, Bahrain, Bolivia, Ghana, Serbia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Lithuania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Panama, Costa Rica, and Uruguay COMBINED!!! Try retooling all these countries combined, and that’s just the equivalent of California alone!!! But you’ve just got started, you have 49 other huge states and huge economies to retool too…

Hope you get it now! The U.S. won’t retool its entire economy and its entire land mass, just so we can say, “Yayhey! We conform to the rest of the world in our nuts and bolts!!!” :-p

I was around in the 1970’s when the debate arose about changing to the metric system for non-scientific uses…We have millions of miles of roadsigns signifying speed limits and directions that would have to change from miles to kilometers…one of the reasons our government decided to not continue with the high costs to convert.

I’m an engineer who uses both systems interchangeably. Measurements are simply mathematical representations of things in the physical world. The physical things are important; how they are described, not so important.

Imperial system is full in use in Belize,Palau,Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.
Get your facts right

Last time I checked, Canada was a mix of imperial and metric. Ask a Canadian how tall they are, and you’ll most likely get an answer in feet and inches. Ask them their weight, and the answer they give will likely be in pounds. They sell steak by the pound.

Is India also a backwater? They have nuclear weapons, a space program, 1.3 billion citizens and they use the Imperial system.

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