Countries Where They Drive on the Wrong Side of the Road

Most of them are countries where Horlicks is readily available:

Map of countries and what side of the road they drive on
Based on this map in Wikipedia.

For the full story, see the Right- and Left-Hand Traffic entry in Wikipedia.

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I’m seeing a majority, not just in countries, but in super powers, that are driving on the wrong side of the road. Ever wonder if you should rethink this?

@Jake The USA is a world power and they drive on the right side. & most of the countries in Africa are NOT super powers. The majority of the ones on the wrong side are 3rd world ones.

Whoever it was that said that the U.S. Science folk use the metric system apparently wasn’t watching when they lost that Mars probe a couple of years ago because some idiot didn’t bother to include a simple line of code like Velocity_KPH = Velocity_MPH * 1.6 in their programming. Oops! There goes a 10 billion dollar (or something like that) Mars probe!! Oh well!! If the U.S. used the metric system like the rest of the world that never would have happened.


The Mars Climate Orbiter cost $125million.

The crash was caused when the flight system software on board Mars Climate Orbiter, was written to calculate thruster performance in metric Newtons (N) while the ground crew was inputing course corrections using the Imperial measure, Pound-force (lbf).

If you are going to b1tch about something at least get your sh1t straight.

whether it is right side or left side driving….it is not the wrong side driving. The “Wrong Side Driving” is…the idiots who drive totally on the wrong side of the track. If they are supposed to drive on left side of the road, they drive on the right side against the righteous traffic and vice versa.

What makes you think it’s the “Wrong” side? Seriously, I’m not being argumentative, I would like to know what makes you consider driving on the right better than the left because I can’t work out any advantages.

The left may have come from making protecting yourself with your sword arm easier, but it now means your right-hand is on the wheel as you change gear. Given that 9/10ths of the population are right-handed, the extra strength and accuracy of having your better arm on the wheel should you get into trouble controlling the car has got to make the countries roads safer as a whole.

So what’s worth us dropping that advantage for that we should switch and drive on the right?

The reason the UK drives on the left goes back to the Roman occupation. They drove (or more accurately, rode) on the left to ensure their sword arm was free. Napolean then brought the right hand side as he was left handed; Consider that the Netherlands drove on the left before 1940, however, after being invaded by the Nazi’s the correct side was changed to the right, and the Dutch never bothered going back. Indonesia, which was a Dutch colony until 1949 still drives on the left.

As soon as U.K. (as part of EU or not), Australia, New Zeeland and India decide to join all other nations and implement driving on the right-side of the road, this ‘problem’ will do away.

In a globalized world, everything (except sex) must be standardized. And this will happen soon, quite soon.

Most of these countries used to drive on the left because drivers could use swords with their right hands. So driving on the left is the original side to drive, so I’d say it’s quite stupid that they all changed it. So the right side is the wrong side.

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