The Beijing 2008 Logo Explained

The logo is the outline of the victim of a firing squad.
Omage courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

Here’s what Chairman Mao would probably think of this:

Chairman Mao, with a LOLcat-style caption: “ROFL MAO”.
In case you need it, here’s an explanation of the acronym “ROFLMAO”.

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america has the death penalty and has invaded iraq causing or precipitating the death of 1 million plus

you’ve nothing to feel smug about

I live in Canada, where there is no death penalty and our forces did not participate in the Iraq war.

As an added bonus, I don’t use that silly e.e. cummings all-lowercase/lack of punctuation style that either speaks of pretension or laziness.

Conclusion: that’s at least three points in the “Joey should feel smug” column.

Uhm, dood, where’d you get 1 million deaths? There havn’t even been 400,000 casualties yet. And look up what constitues a casualty, it is an INJURED person. And what Canadian forces?? The only bigger oxymoron than military intelligence is Canadian army.


Thanks for the logo! And way to smack down that guy’s comment 🙂 More power to you.

You shouldn’t post something like that! It’s a shame! It’s completely wrong! Everybody knows that Chinese executioners always shoot their victims in the head…and they use only one bullet, for economic reasons, of course.

Da risa y a la vez es Patetico…en China la vida Humana no vale nada, con solo saber que venden los organos de los condenados a muerte, que se puede esperar de una sociedad inhumana!!!!

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