Pepsi Guy Lays Smackdown on Coke Guy at Wal-Mart

A Coke can and a Pepsi can, boxingAnd here I thought “Cola Wars” was just a figure of speech:

State police in Indiana, Pa., are investigating after a Pepsi employee allegedly assaulted a Coca-Cola employee while making a delivery at a Wal-Mart in White Township on Oct. 1.

According to police, Robert Koscho, 48, of Ebensburg, and the Pepsi employee, David Paulina, 42, of Clymer, were bickering back and forth while making their deliveries at the Oakland Avenue store. Police said the two are also accused of trying to run each other over with pallets full of soda bottles.

Pepsi fired Paulina, which is ironic, since judging from their ads, they encourage a little smacking down in the name of competition:

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