More Simpsons References to “2001”

Update: Some quick notes…

  • I didn’t compile or make these images; I found ’em, thought they were neat and posted them for everyone to see.
  • You can find more images like this at Actualidad Simpson.

Following up on the earlier Simpsons/2001 post, here’s the homage to the “Jupiter” scene with Homer on the “Spinemelter 2000” easy chair:

Simpsons stills referencing “2001″ — the Jupiter entry sequence
Images courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

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You’re missing the shot from “Deep Space Homer” where Homer is eating the chips floating around the shuttle. He was rotating as he zeroed in on a chip like the shuttle in 2001 did as it landed at the space station. Even the music was the same, “Blue Danube” I think…

The whole Halloween episode with that electronic house (forgot the name) is also pretty much of a parody on HAL.

At the end of “Deep Space Homer”, Bart writes “HERO” on Homer’s skull and tosses the marker up in the air, where it turns into a FOX satellite which bumps into the Star-Child (Homer). D’oh!

In the Kubrick forum – alt.movies.kubrick – his daughter, Katarina, a regular contributor, has mentioned that her Dad Stanley loved watching The Simpsons and was particularly fond of the 2001 referencing.

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