Itchy and Scratchy Do “Steamboat Willie”

Update: Some quick notes…

  • I didn’t compile or make these images; I found ’em, thought they were neat and posted them for everyone to see.
  • You can find more images like this at Actualidad Simpson.

Here are some still from Steamboat Scratchy, side-by-side with matching ones from Steamboat Willie:

Simpsons stills referencing “Steamboat Willie”
Images courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

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Congratulations on your Simpsons image comparisons.It has been posted on the Defamer website which I access via the Vanity Fair website. Nice to see a Canadian blogger get that much attention! Good job and interesting blog.

How about some Planet of the Apes stills?
Possibly the most referenced movie over the whole span of the Simpsons series.

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