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As Seen on MTV Canada

Red accordion and MTV logo.Yesterday, I got a phone call from Toni Thomas, Talent Coordinator for MTV Live, the flagship talk show for the newly-launched MTV Canada. She told me that she’d been referred to me by Shelley “Burningbird” Powers and asked if I would like to appear on the show and talk about blogs. Seeing as Tucows pays me to talk about tech and that I rather enjoy the whole appearing-on-TV thing, I said that I’d love to show up at their studios — the old Masonic Temple, a.k.a. “The Concert Hall” for those of you of a certain age like me — and talk about the strange hobby in which I’ve been partaking for the past four and a half years.

This morning, I got email from Toni asking me if I could bring the accordion and what songs I could play so that they could get about the business of clearing the rights. I emailed her back a list of the songs which I can play even when three sheets to the wind. Those of you who know me well have probably already guessed the songs on the list. I wonder which one they’ll pick.

A little talking about blogs, a little playing the ol’ squeezebox, all on a new TV channel that’s getting a fair bit of fanfare. Business, pleasure and shameless self-promotion. What could be better?

My thanks to Shelley Powers for the referral!

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What time is it gonna be on? Do you know that I cannot watch MTV Canada because it shows on Channel 59 and that’s the channel for my building security cameras? I guess it’s all right, I don’t think I fit the target demographic anyway, but I do have a blog, so maybe, hee hee.

That’s cool Joey! Very nice! Will there be a podcast or videocast of this, so that we all can see, if we don’t subscribe to MTV Canada?

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