Parking Here? Fuggedaboutit!

The “No Parking” signs in New York City are pretty cool — they certainly convey the attitude for which the city is famous:

Assortment of NYC parking signs.

Of course, what would be much cooler would be if they had these signs…

Remixed NYC parking sign that reads: 'Hey MOOK -- go back to JERSEY.'

As a special bonus, here’s a musical biscuit for you: Nina Hagen’s New York, New York [4.8MB MP3]. This was on fairly heavy rotation on my walkman back in high school.

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Oh! I wish I could find a picture of the “no honking” signs. I thought they were absolutely precious when I first moved to NYC. It’s a $350 fine, but I don’t know anyone who’s actually gotten a ticket. Oddly though, they don’t put up “no turn on red” signs in New York so I just kept turning for the first month or so until someone freaked out in the car with me.

If ONLY all the parking signs here in nyc were that clear… I usually need a translator with me. No parking between 7am-9am except mon, wed, thurs, no standing after 11am etc etc. You can read a sign for 20 minutes and still not understand what the hell is going on! Then there’s the glory of getting 15 minutes per quarter…limit of 1 hour. This is why I take the subway!!!

if anyone happens to be kicking about liberty village, there’s a similarly themed sign on atlantic avenue. right infront of afares.

it’s small, white, and a little beat up.

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