The THIRTY Year Old Virgin

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[via Just a Gwai Lo] On Ask Metafilter, a thirty-year old who’s still a virgin asks two questions:

First, how rare are 30-year-old male virgins? Has anyone here lost

their virginity after 30? (I suppose I mean to exclude from this

question people who purposefully made a choice to abtain prior to

marriage.) Does anyone have any (preferably recent) links or materials

as to the age when men lose their virginity? Even if I knew that it was

as low as 1% of the population, that still lets me think to myself that

that probably translates into at least 100 or 200 guys in the same boat

here in Chicago, and ten or twenty thousand nationally. It would let me

feel a little less like the Only Virginal Freak in the World.

My second question is for the women here. Please tell me, honestly,

what your reaction to a partner would be if he told you he was a

virgin. Don’t try to spare my feelings, because I frankly need your

honesty here. My initial desire is to be honest with whomever my first

partner is, because we’ll be in a caring relationship, and heck, for

all I know, it might be a positive thing in their eyes. But I’ve heard

from a few (male) friends of mine that this is something I shouldn’t

reveal … that it will make them wonder what the hell is wrong with

me. Of course, there’s also the fact that my first time will probably

very obviously be my first time to my partner whether I tell her or not.

The responses for the most part have been kind and understanding, which runs counter to the insinuation that the Internet is a nasty place full of liars that a lot of journos have been making as of late. In fact, the questions and responses show just the sort of thing that might not have been possible outside of the ‘net and certainly not possible within a newspaper or magazine.

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I’d quickly get rid of anyone who was a virgin (no hard feelings). I’m not into teaching anybody the basics or even anything more intricate for that matter.

I’d run and hide and tell them that I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

I’ve found that some of the sexually experienced are also the most restrictive in bed (e.g. set in their ways, or bad memories of a sexual encounter that prompt “No, I tried that once and I didn’t like it.”). The wildcats have always been virgins, often willing to try new things. No baggage. Just take your time and don’t rush.

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