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Update on Sam Bulte’s Wikipimpslap

This is more like it: someone’s updated the Wikipedia

entry for Sarmite “Sam” Bulte, incumbent MP for my

riding of Parkdale-High Park, which I wrote about


During the 2006 federal

election, Bulte was criticized by blogger Cory Doctorow and professor Michael Geist

for her stances in favour of strict copyright laws and substantial

campaign contributions from Canadian and American entertainment

industries. They speculate she is a likely candidate for Heritage

Minister in the next Parliament. [1]

One reply on “Update on Sam Bulte’s Wikipimpslap”

I also live in High Park and wonder about Sarmite Bulte! Here are my top 5 wonderingz:

1. What does she do between elections?

2. What’s worng with voters in High Park?

Actually I was only wondering about 2 things but thought a list should say at least 5 things.

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