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"I need to dress up like an idiot and get beerlarious"

This Sunday, a special “Scare-e-oke” Hallowe’en edition of Kickass Karaoke will take place at the Rivoli.

Host Carson T. Foster has requested that women dress like tramps and men dress like women. In other words, business as usual.

The fun starts at 9:00 p.m., and Wendy and I plan to be there.

I have no Hallowe’en party plans for Saturday night, so if any of my friends/readers are reading this, let me know of any party action that you’re aware of. In the words of my friend Charles G. Watson, “I need to dress up like an idiot and get beerlarious.” I’ll bring Wendy, scintillating conversation, booze and an accordion.

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beerlarious? The Streets! huzzah!

I’m going to a party being held by To Be Scene. It should be interesting. there should be a bunch of weirdos there (and I mean weirdos! Angelo is something else man!) And my hard drinking hard rocking buddies, plus other arty types.

I’ll be there earlyish, would love it if you droped by! you know my number


Hey Joey,

Sorry I wasn’t too chatty at Kickass Karaoke last night. I was tired and was quite literally dragged out by my friend. I went home covered in body glitter from Mo. What a harlot!

Just for the record

I said:

“Guys come dressed as girls (and work out their issues),

Girls dress like tarts (and create new ones for the guys)

Hell! It’s a fun night!”

I never make any requests of anyone, except maybe to buy me a Jagger…

I love that people were dressed so great.

Hardly anyone got my outfit…

“Are you Andy Warhol?…” was all I heard

until I went into trance and pulled my underwear out of my pants.

Then everyone was all

“…that Hansel. He’s sooo hot!”


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