Suit-Friendly Articles on "The Farm"

There’s more to being a programmer than just programming: a lot of the job involves “managing up”. I do it with Boss Ross, Boss Ross does it with his Boss Noss,

and Boss Ross’ Boss Noss does it with the Illuminati/Mason/Alien

Conspiratorial Triumvirate, often with a suitable sacrificial goat and

a PowerPoint deck.

But seriously, folks — over at the blog I get paid to write, The Farm,

I’ve started posting articles that you, a techie, can take to

management. These articles are marked with this unmistakably suit-y icon:

Graphic: 'Suit-Friendly' icon.

The first of these articles is Ajax Linkdump,

a laundry list of some recent interesting articles covering the web

programming paradigm of the moment. The last item in the list points to

an Adaptive Path white paper which explains Ajax to management,

including some answers to the all-important question: how’s it going to affect the bottom line?

Feel free to use these “Suit-Friendly” to make your case, support your

arguments or just to make it look as if you don’t spend 30 minutes doing

actual work and rest of your day looking at pictures of women with no

pants on.

Don’t say I never did nuthin’ for ya!

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