It Happened to Me

"Fo’ Shizzle, Mah Rabbizzle!"

I love this shot:

Photo by Ethan Zuckerman. Click it to see the source image.

4 replies on “"Fo’ Shizzle, Mah Rabbizzle!"”

kippah and barong… What an awesome mix for a wedding outfit!

And by the way: mazeltov on tying the knot… even if I guess this means we will never get a new installment of Worst Dates Ever…

To you and your family, I send my congratulations. Let me also add, thank God the Worst Date Stories are over !! You’ve been through enough and deserve happiness. And If I ever get to Canada, or back up to Massachusetts I still owe you a beer !!

Congratulations again ! Live long and prosper !

Joshua Day

Virginia USA

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