It Happened to Me

Back in Town

Actually, we’ve been back since Tuesday afternoon, but have been taking

it easy. Wendy and I arrived home to find a note from my sister

informing us that she left us some just-heat-it-and-eat-it stuff from

Ma Maison, a great French restaurant around the corner for her place. I

was expecting to order pizza that night, but instead we supped on some

very tasty salmon with shredded carrots and baby bok choy, salad and

apple tarts. Thanks, sis!

Wednesday was really “Wend’s Day”, as I took her about town on a

just-for-her kind of day. We first went to Rol San for dim sum (j,

we’ll have to take you here the next time you’re in town) and then to

Steve’s Music Store to pick out my wedding present to her: an acoustic

guitar. She picked out a lovely dark brown wild cherry solid-top Art

& Lutherie axe and has already learned a couple of chords. After

that, she got her hair cut at W on Queen Street West. She grew her hair

out for the wedding, but the long hair’s been driving her crazy. It’s

now a very cute bob. Finally, we grabbed a turkey/brie/avocado sandwich

at the Drake Hotel Cafe and headed home for guitar practice and to give

our new Playstation 2 game, We ❤ Katamari, a good workout.

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It is nice to see that you are deeply in love, happy, and building a life for yourself.

You have come a long way since your wild accordion days.

Good Work!

OMG, I go to that W salon too! I really recommend Paul, he’s great. Maybe he’s the one who cut Wendy’s hair?

Hmmm. Did you give up on San Andreas?

I found it was a little long, tedious and too life like.

Working out in a video game is like a cruel metaphor for what’s wrong with my life.

My thumbs ached.

I stopped


Joey, Wendy! Come by some time soon! I will cook you a post-wedding/welcome to the Tdot dinner!


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