It Happened to Me

Silent Running

As you’ve probably guessed, the blog’s been silent for the past week

because I’ve been getting ready for my wedding on Saturday. Things are

a little less crazy and I hope to write about what I’ve been up to in

my remaining hours as a free man.

I’ve been in Boston since Monday afternoon, staying with Wendy at her

parents’ place. Her folks are wonderful people and have made me feel

like one of the family (and yes, Mom, I’ve been helping clear the table

after dinner). Earlier this morning, I received a very sweet “on this

momentous occasion in your life” letter from

Mom and Dad.

The earliest of the early birds arrive tonight (Wednesday night); some

of my family from both Manila and Toronto should be in Camrbridge by

tomorrow night (Thursday). The wedding rehearsal will take place on

Friday, followed by a dinner for the wedding party and then a dessert

party to which all the out-of-town guests are invited. The big event, as the countdown

clock in the upper left-hand corner of this web page will show you, is

on Saturday.

I’ll try to squeeze in a quick post whenever I can, but there are no

guarantees. You know how it is with these life-changing ceremonies…

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You know what’s kind of sad? I’d almost completely forgotten it was so soon. I’m still sort of in denial over the whole it’s-September-already bit.

Both of yous, have a great day Saturday!

Joey – it’s 4pm here in Calgary, which means it’s Go Time there in Boston. All the best to you and Wendy today! We wish we could be there with you. love Ash, Turner, and the Sloanester!

You guys are dancing and partying-it-up at this moment! Soooo congrats! Best of luck you two. Have a wonderful honeymoon. 🙂

— Lillian

Joey and Wendy,

Thanks for a great time in Boston. You’re amazing together and you know how to throw one hell of a good party! Looking forward to seeing you both back in TO. (You know it’s a good party when it motivates a Luddite like me to post something!)



I’m late with the “Good Luck” wishes, but here’s a hearty “Congrats!” Hope you’re both enjoying the wedding bliss (read: lolling around half-conscious in contented post-wedding relaxation)!

Happy wedding to you, happy wedding to you, happy wedding dear Accordion Guy, hope the honeymoon’s good too.

Congratulations Joey and Wendy. We had the DJ at Clark Hall dedicate ‘faith’ to you at saturday night’s homecoming celebrations. – Ryan M

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