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Lost Conversations, Part 1: Matchmaker

I noticed that I have a number of mostly-finished entries, some of

which are very old, sitting in a directory on my computer called “Blog

Drafts”. I thought I’d do a little “cleaning house” by polishing off

those entries and posting them under the title “Lost Conversations”.

The first one took place in the spring and is a conversation over lunch between me and an old friend from Crazy Go Nuts University.

“You should help me set up my friends,” she said. “It’s like there are no good single men out there.”

“That’s weird. I think I know at least a couple of guys who’ve

complained that there are no good single women out there. And remember

that article we saw, back during the dot-com days? About there being a

‘man glut’ in town? I think the article said that there were several

thousand more men than women in Toronto.”

“Well, it seems the situation’s changed. How about finding someone for [anonymous friend]?”

“That shouldn’t be too difficult. She’s cute, outgoing and has flirt powers beyond mortal ken.”

“Yes, but she wants to settle down and is having trouble finding the right guy.”

“Did she tell you what her ‘type’ is?”

“Yes: He’s got to be hot. She only dates hot guys.”

“True. Every guy I’ve ever seen her with looks like he does three hours at the gym every day.”

“And he has to be Jewish. She’s tired of having to play ‘teacher’ —

she wants to settle down with someone who understands her culture.”

“Anything else?”

“He has to be rich. She likes expensive things.”

“And doesn’t she prefer black guys?”

“Oh yeah. She dates a lot of black guys.”

“Let me see: the man for her is hot, Jewish, rich and black.”

She laughed. “That’s gonna be tricky. Know anyone who fits that description?”

“Yeah. One guy. Lenny Kravitz.”

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That’s probably the most extreme example I’ve seen, but it does sum up the dating scene in T.O. pretty good. Everyone is looking for either Lenny Kravitz or Lisa Bonet. It’s little wonder most of the city is single and alone

I’ll take one of those too. But he doesn’t have to be black or Jewish or rich – just hot!

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