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A Scene from Saturday Night

While taking AKMA and Margaret on a tour of College West, AKMA was telling me about his surprise at how much I like AC/DC’s Back in Black (presumably based on his reading this article). I was about to answer when we passed by a sidewalk patio where my friend Erik Mohr,

his wife Tanja and some friends of theirs were enjoying a late dinner

and some drinks. Erik called me over to their table, introduced me to

his friends and asked if I could play a number for them.

“Any number in particular you’d like to hear?” I asked.

Erik turned to his friends. “He doesn’t do polka, but rock. He can play anything,” he said, which isn’t true.

“Okay, then…how about some AC/DC?” his friend asked, apparently believing that he’d thrown down a gauntlet.

“Sure,” I said. I could see AKMA rolling his eyes.

I started into You Shook Me All Night Long

which always gets laughs from new listeners and got the rest of the

patio either singing or clappong along. During all this, AKMA captured

a moment, pictured below:

Photo: Joey deVilla playing accordion for some friends on a patio on College Street West, Toronto.

Click the picture above to see the photo from AKMA’s Flickr collection.

As for AKMA’s musical tastes, you can get a feel for them by checking out this blog entry of his.

(AKMA, dude, you’re probably an AC/DC fan who doesn’t even know it.

I mean, you throw the horns…even in church! If that’s not an AC/DC

fan, I don’t know what is!)…

Photo: AKMA throws the horns!

Documented proof that AKMA throws the horns. “Hells’ Bells…Satan’s comin’ for you…” Click the picture to see the original photo from AKMA’s Flickr set.

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What can I say? Jesus is. . . .

Actually, I think it’s at least partly a matter of timing; at the time AC/DC was flourishing, I didn’t have much patience with the flavor of adolescent carnality that AC/DC trades in.

So, seriously — we had a great time walk[ing] all over you[r] city — you walked us all night long. We salute you! Meet you in Boston, when I’m back in black. . . .

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