"Hapland" Will Drive You Mad

Over at the IndieGameDev blog, I pointed readers to Hapland, a “Rube

Goldberg Machine” game in which you have to figure out how to make the

machine work in order to accomplish its task: light two torches. It sounds simple enough, but trust me: the game will drive you bonkers.

Screen capture: Hapland's initial screen.

Hapland, when you first start playing the game. Click the picture to play.

I have not yet given in and looked at the walkthrough, but I may soon…

If Hapland isn’t enough of a challenge for you, you might want to try Hapland 2, which is even more complex.

5 replies on “"Hapland" Will Drive You Mad”

It is driving me mad: everything on the page loads except the Hapland applet. Very frustrating.

Hapland2 loads just fine, but that closing comment makes me think I need to complete Hapland before attempting it…

Neat! For more Rube Goldbergesque fun, I like “The Incredible Machine”. You can probably find it and its sequel(s) kicking around the cheap game racks beside SimFarm and such. 🙂


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