"I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Goth!"

The only bad thing about mash-ups is that they could very well undo the

mythos that has built up over the years on the streets of Accordion City:

that the Accordion Guy can play anything. That’s simply not true. All

I’m doing is exploiting one of the not-so-secret secrets of rock and

roll: that most songs are based on one of about a half-dozen patterns,

or as we musicians call them, chord progressions. These are tried-and-true

arrangements of chords that are pleasing to the ear.

Take the classic I-IV-V chord progression. Played over 12 bars in 4/4

time, it’s the basis of every blues song. It’s La Bamba, Hang on Sloopy, Twist and Shout, Wild Thing and the muscial

proof for the existence of God, Louie Louie.

The I-VII-IV progression gives us The Smashing Pumpkins’ Cherub Rock, Bachman-Turner

Overdrive’s Takin’ Care of

Business and the “Bow down before the one you serve” part

of Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a


(Want to know about I-IV-V and I-VII-IV? Check out this

article on

That mention of Nine Inch Nails — one of my musical guilty pleasures

— is the perfect segue for this

mash-up on that I stumbled across thanks to

one “Miss Fipi Lele” who in turn found it via a blog named largehearted boy.

Imagine Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters as the bed track for Nine Inch

Nails’ current single, The Hand

That Feeds. Then repeat to yourself over and over: “I

ain’t ‘fraid of no goth!”


can download the track from its creator, Nathan




here to download the track from this site [6.2MB


Photo: Cover for the mash-up 'The Ghost That Feeds'.

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