BlogHer Conference: July 30th, 2005

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Liz “I Speak of Dreams” Ditz pointed me to the BlogHer site, which has details about the upcoming BlogHer conference…

BlogHer conference logo.

From the BlogHer


BlogHer is a network for women bloggers to

draw on for exposure,

education, and community. By holding a day-long conference on July 30,

2005, and establishing an online hub, BlogHer is initiating an

opportunity for greater visibility, learning and success for


women bloggers and for the community of bloggers as a


BlogHer plans to achieve this goal by

providing three key items: exposure, education and


  • Exposure for women

    BlogHer’s goal is helping women

    bloggers identify, reach and grow the audience they seek

    by raising their visibility and searchability. Once women bloggers

    build relationships with each other — online and in person

    –- it will

    be easier for Web users to find more quality, relevant bloggers. A

    broader diversity of top-trafficked bloggers will follow.

  • Education for women

    BlogHer’s conference schedule is being

    designed as an opportunity for

    women to educate themselves and each other, both technically and

    conversationally. Via scheduled talks, panels and applied training

    sessions, everyone who attends BlogHer’s conference, either online or

    in person, will have the opportunity to learn new technoilogies and

    best practives that help bloggers better express and market


    At the same time, participants will explore opportunities, challenges

    and key questions facing women bloggers, both those writing about

    professional sectors (such as journalism and technology) and those

    exploring issues fundamental to female identity online (such as

    motherhood and dating). An essential feature of BlogHer’s approach to

    these discussions is the “Room of Your Own” track, where women in the

    BlogHer community can host their own seminars.

  • Community for women

    BlogHer’s conference and

    online hub are opportunities for women

    bloggers to develop a network of colleagues they trust and support.

    Only this kind of social network, steeped in shared interests and

    experience, will create a sustainable community capable of delivering

    ongoing, mutual exposure and education. That’s why the


    agenda and the site will afford plenty of time for discussion, formal

    meet-ups, ad-hoc conversations and fun. Because community begins at


    conference, and we expect it to continue at all year


For more information about this conference,

visit the BlogHer blog.

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