Mark Cuban Longs Us

Photo: Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mr. Blog Maverick and dude with a billion dollars) recently posted an article in response to “too many emails” asking what his positions in the market are. Notable among his “Longs” list is the company for which I hold the position of Technical Community Development Coordinator, Tucows:

TCOW.OB: Good management, low PE, sells to growing market segment.

And let’s not forget kick-ass Research and Innovation team.

For the curious investor looking to hitch his or her wagon to a star, here’s the Yahoo Finance page on Tucows.

Photo: Cows playing basketball.

There is a dearth of images on the internet depicting cows playing basketball.

Big thanks to George “Ol’ Pal Hotchner” Scriban for the tip!

Speaking and longing and shorting, this blog has the number one Google result for the phrase “longing and shorting”, thanks to an article I wrote about a number of women who worked in the investment industry who used the terms to describe their reactions to guys.

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Since Mark hasn’t stated or filed as a beneficial owner of Tucows it means he cannot hold more than 10% of the company. With Tucows market cap currently around 72 million this means the most his position could be worth is about 7 million although it is more likely less.

To put this in perspective, with his billion or so, this is the same as you saying you have put 70 cents on something when you have a 100 dollars in your pocket.

For such a relatively small position it seems weird for him to even mention it.


I’m pretty sure Mark has a stake in Weblogs Inc. (where he hosts his blog). He likely compared others in the industry and can see Blogware as a very decent competitor.

I was hoping that Weblogs Inc. actually ran off the Blogware platform but it doesn’t appear to be.

It might also be worth mentioning that last May Cuban announced his plans to launch a U.S. tv channel that would focus on thrillers suspense and horror programming… for some reason that format sounds familiar….

It’s OK. After reading all of the articles on stocks, investing and the market in the archives on Mark Cuban’s blog, which I encourage anyone else interested in this thread to do, I think he makes it pretty clear what his reasons are. If you find your reasons are the same then you are all set.


It’s great that Cuban has a posotion in Tucows, but I don’t see much evidence of good management. From a revenue growth perspective Tucows seems stuck in the mud, surviving, but not much else.

The perspective of one person, submitting an anonymous comment on a post that’s nearly two months old found via Google on a Saturday night rarely causes me concern.

Anonymous makes a good point. It’s not apparent where revenue growth at Tucows is going to come from. They’ve dabbled with some ideas and have made a couple acquisitions but as far as I know, none of these ideas or acquisitions are going anywhere. Tucows needs to acquire the product development team from GoDaddy.

Cuban mentioned Tucows again in a Barrons article that was released over the weekend so we could see the stock pick up again on Monday. In the first quarter, Tucows was not the cash cow it has been in previous quarters but I guess that is because they have the most domain name renewals in qrt. 1 which hurts cash flow.

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