Benjamin Kenobi, Space Knight!

Here’s a treat for you Star Wars fans: The Continuing Adventures of Benjamin Kenobi, Space Knight of the Future! is a trailer for the upcoming Revenge of the Sith

— if it had been made as part of one of those old black-and-white

sci-fi serials in the 1950’s. It uses footage from the trailer for

Revenge of the Sith with the colour removed, overlaid with retro trailer graphics, a cheesy

Republic/RKO pictures score and funny 50s-ish reworkings of the characters,

such as :

  • Sammy Jackson Jnr. as Negro Space Knight!
  • Boris McDiarmivoch as Dr. Sidious, Evil Sith Lord from Mars!
  • …and introducing Harry Chryshner as Faithful Sidekick, Kit Skyranger…or is he?
  • Battles using the Space Kinghts’ weapon: the indestructible Lazer-Sword™!

It’s about 7 MB and in QuickTime format.

(This could get popular, so I’m linking to the file using the YouSendIt

service for now. I’ll set up a torrent later. If you can, please share

this file on your weblog!)

Download area 1

Download area 2

Download area 3

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