The Best Simpsons "Couch Gag" Ever


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you know as soon as I’ve found a new home for the video.

If you have BitTorrent on your machine, someone’s got a .torrent of the file at

Charles Eames

has a saying that’s one of my favourites: “Eventually, everything

connects”, a statement that harkens back to an earlier saying by the

Buddhists: “When you slice a blade of grass, you shake the universe”.

One of Charles Eames’ best-known works is the film he created with his wife Ray, Powers of 10,

the classic 1977 film that looks at the relative size of things

from  microscopic to the edges of the known universe. Your

mathematical education is not complete unless you’ve seen this film.

My friend Chris Turner, author of Planet Simpson,

has a philosophy similar to Eames’: eventually, everything connects to

The Simpsons. More proof for this hypothesis appeared recently when the

Simpsons showed its best “couch gag” (the gag at the end of the title

sequence where they gather on the couch), in which they pay homage to Powers of 10.

It’s brilliant and you must watch it [10.3 MB QuickTime movie, enclosure]. I’ll post as soon as I’ve found a new home for the video!

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The movie shows without errors on my Mac and Windows machines, as well as for a number of other people.

Based on this, wouldn’t it be possible to figure out what state Springfield is in?

It almost looks like Indiana or Wisconson, but we all know that Springfield has a salt-water harbor, so that wouldn’t make sense.

Does thinking about this make sense?

Well, but the movie seems to start in Chicago, which is where the original Powers of Ten originated.

Was this sunday the first time they did that gag? I thought I saw them do it before.

So, before I go download some software that lets me dowload a .torrent, please tell me what video format this is in? Is it .wmv, .mov, or something else?

Yes, I remembered I saw it before too. So I looked it up:

Near the end of this page:

FABF08, GABF05 The couch scene pans out until it reaches intergalactic space, where the galaxies are replaced with atoms, which pan out until they reach Homer’s head and then the couch scene again

From the same site:

327. FABF08 (SI-1508 / S15E14) The Ziff Who Came to Dinner

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