Owner of a Lovely Butt

Graphic: 'Lionel Vinyl' logo.

Here’s a lovely mash-up by Lionel Vinyl for your enjoyment: Yes’ Owner of a Lonely Heart as the bed track and Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back as the vocal track — Owner of a Lovely Butt! [3.9MB MP3, enclosure]

8 replies on “Owner of a Lovely Butt”

Funny. I would never have thought that these two tunes would go together. Butt, it works!

Sorry but that is one of the worst mashups I’ve ever heard. ECC and Dangermouse are the kings.

Oh, come now. Yeah, it’s simple layering compared to the samples-as-instruments approach of ECC, Dangermouse, Lenlow et. al., but it’s still pretty fun. Virtuosity is a virtue, but sometimes the goal is to just have some fun.

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