The Blogware Mechanic

It’s not all beer and posting songs about butts on this blog — sometimes, I promote some of my work-related activities!

For those of you with Blogware-powered

blogs (there are lots of ’em, and they’re not necessarily sold under

the name “Blogware”), you might want to check out a new series of

articles I’m writing for the Blogware blog called The Blogware Mechanic.

The Blogware Mechanic

is a regularly-appearing series of articles that will show you how to

go beyond the standard features included in your Blogware-based blog,

customize it in ways you may not have thought possible and make your

blog uniquely yours.

(You didn’t think that all the accordion-related imagery on this

blog came standard, did you? I tried to sneak ’em in, but they didn’t

let me. They’ll pay for that. Ohhhhh, how they’ll pay…)

In the first installment of Blogware Mechanic, I cover the fine art of customizing the “permalink icon” that appears beside the titles of articles from the plain ol’ vanilla “page with the upper-right-hand corner turned over” icon…

…to a nice, snazzy custom icon:

…and along the way, I provide a quick overview of Blogware’s filesystem and templates.

If you’ve got a Blogware blog and are looking to spruce it up, check out the article!

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Hey Joey, is there some place to get Blogware blogs for free? I’d like to play with the software, but I’d like to have more flexibility than a limited time trial allows. –j

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