How to Rap Safely If You Are White (or: Marc Canter, this one’s for you!)

Marc Canter, in case you’re not familiar with the name, was one of the founders of Macromind, which later turned into Macromedia. While Marc and I have never met, his career has intersected mine: Macromind (and later Macromedia) created Director, the multimedia authoring software that was my primary programming tool for my first three years after graduating from Crazy Go Nuts University.

Boss Ross and I have been communicating with him lately, and it would appear that he’s into rapping; his voice mail greeting and the messages he leaves are always in rap form (You can listen to one of Marc’s messages on Ross’ blog, Random Bytes).

As a service to Marc, I thought I’d post a cartoon which had been sitting in my “blog this someday” folder. Enjoy, Marc!

Comic: How to rap safely if you are white.

Update: Oh, what the hell, let’s remix it with the cartoon Canter…

Comic: How to rap safely if you are white (Canter remix).

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