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"Yeah, but this time, we mean it!"

Hollywood actors are saying — once again — that they’re leaving the States if Bush wins again.

Here’s a question that should be of interest to you no matter where

your political affliation lies: of those actors who claimed they’d

leave if Bush won in 2000, how many actually followed through on their


(Former White House Press Secretary and fellow alum from my high school Pierre Salinger

said ”If Bush wins, I’m going to leave the country and spend the rest

of my life in France” and followed through on his promise, but I’m

aware of no actor who’s done the same.)

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Well here goes. If Bush wins the election, then I’ll live in Canada for the next four months.

-Randy Charles Morin

BTW happy birthweek

I just really resent the people who see Canada as a kind of anti-America. They want to move to Canada, without ever bothering to find out anything about it.

It is funny that I said I would leave Mexico if Vicente Fox won the election, and I did (ok, I had lots of other reasons too), it happens sometimes.

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