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I’m extremely busy this week (two major product launches at work), so I present to you some audio from my collection…

Picking Up Girls Made Easy

Three tracks from the classic 1970s self-help cassette by Eric Weber titled Picking Up Girls Made Easy. I posted The Walking the Dog Pick Up back in June; I’ve included the other two tracks I have from this (unintentionally) hilarious tape:


downsampled these and changed them from stereo to mono to shrink the

file sizes; email me if you’d like to get the full-sized versions in

their hi-fi glory.

It’s a Sin (To Tell a Lie)

Also in the “Why the hell was this ever recorded?” category is Brent Spiner (you know him better as “Data” from Star Trek: The Next Generation) singing a barbershop quartet-ish number called It’s a Sin (To Tell a Lie)

[3.8 MB MP3]. What  really makes the number is Patrick Stewart

(you lnow him better as “Captain Jean-Luc Picard“) doing the narrative

over the instrumental section.

2 replies on “For Your Listening Pleasure”

It’s a Fats Waller tune, pretty funny & rollicking in the original.

Here, the crooning & background vocals are….interesting.

The voice-over is so over-amped and understated at the same time. Heh!

Oddly, I’ve had a Reader’s Digest compliation of “songs of the 30s” in my car for the last few months (it takes a long time to bore me, and I usually listen to the radio), and this [Waller’s original] is one of the tracks.

Ah, it seems Mr. Spiner has recorded an entire album of tunes from the 30s. Interesting title. And interesting “also vieweds” on Amazon.

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