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“Must-Know” Canadian Tunes?

The two weddings that I’ve attended with Wendy have both been for
Canadians of my generation, which meant that the DJ played Spirit of the West’s Home for a Rest (a song where they managed to beat The Pogues on their own turf) and a couple of
big hits that she didn’t recognize. I’ve decided to give her a hand by
making her a mixed CD of the essential Canadian rock and pop tunes for
people out age (specifically people who went to high school in the
mid-to-late eighties and university in the late eighties to

So far, I’ve come up with:

I need more songs! If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Some guidelines:

  • The
    songs should have been hits only within the borders of Canada, or even
    my area of Canada (Ontario/Quebec). There’s no point in putting Tom
    Cochrane’s Life is a Highway or Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69 on this CD;
    the point is to give her music that’s new to her.
  • The term
    “hit” is relative. It the song had a cult following in my neck of the
    woods (say, a hit in the Ontario/Quebec university zone in the early
    90s but unknown in New England), it counts.
  • More than one song by the same artist is okay.

Oh, and could someone tell me if the Dream WarriorsMy Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style was or wasn’t a hit in the Excited States? It did well here in Ontario and was also a minor club hit in the UK.

Your suggestions, please…

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How about:
Love Monkey Number 9 – Bootsauce
Political – Spirit of the West
Anything that was a hit by Great Big Sea
I don’t know if anything by King Apparatus or Me, Mom, and Morgentaler was a hit in Canada, but those are also good choices.
I Go Blind – 54/40 (so she can hear it in the original form)
Alternatively, Baby Ran, or One Gun
New Orleans is Sinking – Tragically Hip
— Lara

For a retro-80s element, there’s The Spoons (Romantic Traffic, Nova Heart) or Gowan (Criminal Mind). I don’t know that either of those bands ever did especially well in the US…
– Stacy (lj OrKillMe)

Teenland or similar by the Northern Pikes.
I love Me Mom & Morgentaler but I don’t think they had that big a following outside Montreal – at least, they never made the radio which I think would be a prerequisite for this list.
Great Big Sea, definitely.
Oh, Gowan! Yes! He was amazing live, simply incredible.
Luba – Everytime I see Your Picture I Cry.

Scratch the not-on-the-radio comment, I missed the “cult following” comment in the pre-reqs.
Heloise and I Don’t Want to be Your Friend from MM&M, then.
I’ll have to go home and root through my cassette tapes for more.

Ah, I Go Blind. It’s very funny how the original version by 54-50 is virtually unknown in the US, and how Hootie and the Blowfish’s cover is virtually unplayed here.
I’m counting Great Big Sea, King Apparatus and the Me Moms as hitmakers. They were hits in the university circuit.

Your Friend by the Me Moms! I have a story about that song. When they played at Clark Hall Pub in Crazy Go Nuts University back in 1991, lead vocalist “Nasty Gus” dedicated the song to his true love, Molly Ringwald. We hung out after the show, discussing our obsession with The Molly over several beers.

How about ‘Beat goes On.. Switchin’ to Glide’ by the Kings
‘Bump up ahead’ by David Wilcox
‘Too Bad’ by Doug and the Slugs
‘Go Crazy’ by the Villains
‘L’ Affaire Dumoutier (Say to Me)’ by The Box
‘Echo Beach’ by Martha and the Muffins
‘Five Good Reasons’ by King Apparatus
‘Mimi on the Beach’ by Jane Siberry

This is pushing the end of your defined era, Joey, but I suggest Toy Train by Rymes With Orange. It wasn’t hardly even on the radio as I recall, but got popular in bars around 94-95 thanks in large part to Genuine Joel (or maybe it was Genuine Kelly).
– Aldini

“Colder than You” – the Waltons
“Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” – Jane Siberry
“Crossing the Causeway” – Grievous Angels (Maritime hit @ 1990)
The entire Miss America album by Mary Margaret O’Hara
“Stuck in the 90s” – Moxy Fruvous
“I’m an Adult Now” – TPOH
Alan McLeod

I guess it’s lazy to just suggest you pick up a used copy of Oh What a Feeling and Oh What a Feeling 2 and send all 8 discs.
Some thoughts that might have been popular only in Canada while I look at the track listing:
Let Your Backbone Slide – Maestro Fresh Wes
Criminal Mind – Gowan
Rise Up – Parachute Club
A Grapes of Wrath tune, I can’t decide which
Your choice of Kim Mitchell cottage song

I don’t know for sure what would’ve made it over the border, but there’s plenty of stuff from which to choose:
Pukka Orchestra — Listen to the Radio, which is one of the greatest songs EVER.
Alanis Morrissette — Too Hot (because it’s important to remember the big hair days)
Organized Rhyme — Check the O.R. (Tom Green!)
Mitsou — Bye-Bye, Mon Cowboy (mmm, Mitsou…)
Also, to up the cheese factor even more: Alannah Myles, Gino Vanelli, Roch Voisine, Glass Tiger, Irish Rovers (particularly Wasn’t That a Party), Snow, Haywire…
And for more good stuff: Men Without Hats (except Safety Dance, obviously), Chalk Circle, Northern Pikes, Grapes of Wrath, Maestro Fresh Wes, Kim Mitchell…
I think this is a great idea, actually. Might just do something similar, myself. 🙂
–Ani (

Dang! Alan beat me to the punch by 10 minutes. I was about to post “I’m an Adult Now”. That post from when you played for Moe on the street was when I first started reading Accordion Guy. So what about Maestro Fresh Wes? Was “let your backbone slide” a Canadian only hit?
Ritual on Friday. 🙂

Yet another Tragically Hip song: Blow at High Dough
“They made a movie once / In my hometown / Out at the speedway / Some kind of Elvis (eighties?) thing / Everyone was in it, for miles around / Oh, I ain’t no movie star / But I can get behind anything”

This should work for you:
Plus, hit up the JACK FM websites, they have the playlist posted in real time–the Toronto station is 40 per cent Cancon. Maybe some inspirational cheese to be found there. (Also, your instincts are right … Dream Warriors a non-entity in the U.S.)

Rheostatics – Horses, Record Body Count
Gino Vanelli – Black Cars
Gandarvahs – First Day of Spring
Starkicker (anyone besides me remember these guys?) – The Letter or Neil Armstrong
Rusty – Misogyny
King Cobb Steelie – Luckily I Keep My Feathers Number for Just Such an Emergency
The Odds – Love is the Subject or any of their other stuff
The Rankin Family / Rita MacNeil (unless you don’t want to put her into a sugar coma)
Inbreds – Any Sense of Time or You Will Know
13 Engines
Big Sugar – Ride Like Hell
Was Glass Tiger’s Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone a hit outside Canada? I seem to remember Casey Kasem playing it at some point (but there were other songs that were popular just in Canada)
People have already beat me to Gowan, Kim Mitchell, The Pursuit of Happiness (although I’d have said Hard to Laugh), Grapes of Wrath, Northern Pikes (She Ain’t Pretty, She Just Looks That Way), Bootsauce, etc. But I second and third those nominations.
r. 🙂

Buggerall – thanks for the reminder about Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet!
Also, Jaymz B and the Look People – who can forget I’m a Lousy Lover, I’m a Lousy Lay? Sunday Driver on a Saturday Night? Guido? Hairanoia?
r. 🙂

I try and repress every memory of hearing I Go Blind by Hootie.
I notice no one’s mentioned Blue Rodeo yet. Are they big in the US as well, or have they just slipped everyone’s mind?
Bruce Cockburn maybe? Lovers in a Dangerous Time or If I Had a Rocket Launcher?
— Lara

And don’t forget Minnesota or Thirteen by Volume.
No listing of must-have Canadian music would be complete without those 😉
— Lara

“Salesmen, Cheats and Liars” – Lowest of the Low
They might have been a big university touring band, but I don’t think that song crossed to the US. Or maybe it did. I didn’t get out of Southern Ontario much in those days.

* Ahead by a Century – The Tragically Hip
* Shine – The Doughboys (*really* big on Can. campuses)
* Five Days in May- Blue Rodeo
* Kommen in Der Kars *or*
Jaromir – The Angstones
* Claire *or* 1988 – The Rheostatics
* 1990 – Jean Leloup et Sale Affaire (pron. “mille neuf-cent…” etc.)
* Ali – Jale (quintessential Halifax)
* I Am Here – The Grapes of Wrath
* Clouds in My House – Voivod (may have been a hit elsewhere)
* _Song Title_ – Lava Hay (Can someone fill that in? They had a couple hits here.)
If you want to read an *excellent * book on the blossoming of Canadian indie rock/pop in teh ’80s and ’90s, read Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance 1985-1995

According to AllMusicGuide (and courtesy of Billboard), its peak was only #24 on the “Modern Rock Tracks” chart in the U.S.. However, it’s also one of the very few tracks mentioned so far that this particular South-of-Lake-Ontario-an has heard of and I think charts back in ’91 under-represented hip hop.

How about:
— National Velvet (“Flesh Under Skin”)
— Teenage Head (“Disgusteen”, or maybe “Something On My Mind” if you want something more mainstream)
— BB Gabor (“Nyet Nyet Soviet”)
— The Shuffle Demons (“Spadina Bus”)
— Rational Youth (if you can find it)
— Strange Advance
— The Diodes (maybe a bit too early, but I remember “Catwalker” from high school)
— Alta Moda (“Julian”)
or, for sheer cheese factor:
— Lee Aaron (“Metal Queen”!)
Jen (

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – the song that was the theme to Kids in the Hall.
david of the epononymous website

I must have the finished CD! (Or a track listing at the very least)
Haywire, Honeymoon Suite, Spoons and Helix!
Damn, I’ve got to start work on my own…

Great thread!
Love the Villains — How about “Long Short Skinny and Fat” or “Life of Crime”
Blue Peter – “Don’t Walk Past” and “Take Me To War”
Slightly retro but fun: FM – “Phasors on Stun”
Martha and the Muffins – “Echo Beach”
Slow – “Have Not Been the Same”
The Government – “Flat Tire”
Diodes – “Tired of Waking Up Tired”
Forgotten Rebels – “Surfing on Heroin
Demics – “New York City”
David Wilcox – “Hypnotizin’ Boogie”
Probably should include some Max Webster (“Research (at Beach Resorts)” perhaps?) and Rush (“Spirit of Radio”) for their ubiquity. Also in the rock goofy category, Streetheart‘s cover of “Under My Thumb” or Nick Gilder “Hot Child in the City”.

What about
Chalk Circle, Weeping Tile or the Mahones if that is not getting to kingstoncentric
Also fun fact, “surfing on heroin” was the closing song at Tom Simko’s wedding about a month ago…

I gotta give kudos for most of these, but I’ll list my favorites anyways:
“Rosy and Grey” – Lowest of the Low
“The Grin” – Weeping Tile
“Curious” – Sandbox
“Run and Hide” – the Watchmen
“Levitate” – I Mother Earth
“Last Saskatchewan Pirate” – Captain Tractor
But if anyone is really interested in knowing the juice of the CanRock Renaiassance, try this book and you’ll have it all.

Hayden might be kind of popular now but I don’t think “Bad As They Seem” from Everything I Long For ever made it south of the border. Also check out Treble Charger’s “Red” from NC-17 and “Now We Are Five” from Even Grable. Maybe the Tragically Hip’s “Ahead by a Century” from Trouble At the Henhouse.
Good luck.

hey, what hip-hop? I suggest some Dream warriors, Maestro Fresh Wes, Snow and “joints and Jams” by the Black Eyed Peas and”heaven only knows” by K-OS. New and Old Canadiana…. anything by the Weakerthans on their first two discs, or better yet “Propaghandi”. The Forgotten Rebels are a great call whoever posted that first. Also let’s not forget the Bare Naked Ladie’s first yellow tape and the song’s Brian Wilson and if I had a million dollars (the original version). ohhh what about Corey Hart’s “Never Surrender”? Of course there is always “Push” by moist.
if you wanted some other new stuff there is always, Pilate, Metric, Broken Social Scene and Death From Above.

I was wondering how long it was going to take someone to mention Rush, and I’m glad that responsibility didn’t fall to me.

But if this is strictly stuff that didn’t hit the air in the States, Rush wouldn’t qualify, would they? (Maybe their more obscure stuff?)
Aldo Nova! Frankie Zappacosta! April Wine! Leslie Spit Tree-o! The Payola$/Rock & Hyde! Images In Vogue! (Man, it’s all coming back to me… like a post-pit-party hangover…)
Were the Vapors Canadian?

“(Make Me Do) Anything You Want” by Helix. Gets played at the wedding of every 80s hair-metaller.

Ooo! Speaking of hair bands, let us not forget Lee Aaron, The Headpins, and Toronto.

Rush, while a great band, got international acclaim. For the purposes of this mixed CD (which is threatening to become a mixed CD set), Rush are disqualified.

Ok, one more bad canadian rap hit:
“Check the O.R.” – organized rhyme (feat. a young Tom Green)
what about any of the bare naked ladies yellow tape? did that make it south?

oh yeah….pride is swelling.
how about ALANIS before she developed a last name?? “Never too Hot, never too cold”
SKYDIGGERS…beautiful music came from them.”I will give you everything” still makes my eyes water a little
comedy/music from the east coast, possibly, “the Grunge Song” or “Bulbous Bouffant”? funny shit.
good luck,
p.s. -the last karaoke of august (at rivoli) is Will’s bday, and my going away party (movin to Victoria) hope to see ya there.

Ah, Snow. 10+ years later, and his album title still makes me laugh every time it occurs to me:
12 Inches of Snow
– Aldini

Gus was great. I had a maaaaad crush on Matthew, made more adolescently tragic by the band being friends of my brother and other friends, so I was constantly running into him just enough to renew the smittenness but never, of course, to get anywhere with it.
They borrowed my electric signboard once. I never washed it again…

“The Only Gay Eskimo” or “The Pandas Must Die” or equivalent from Corky and the Juice Pigs.

Some great suggestions… here’s a few more, in no specific order, with some song suggestions:
FM (Phasors on Stun)
Nash The Slash (American Band, 19th (yeah, a cover, but… 😉 ))
New Regime (Seduction)
Parachute Club (Rise Up)
Pukka Orchestra (Cherry Beach Express …. something distinctly Torontonian 😉 )
Platinum Blond (Crying Over You)
Spoons (Arias & Symphonies)
Images In Vogue (Call It Love)
Boys Brigade (Melanie)
Chalk Circle (April Fool)
Barenaked Ladies (Lovers In A Dangerous Time) (add the video of the boys riding around Scarborough in the back of a pickup truck in the middle of November… LOL)
Cats Can Fly (Flipping To The “A” Side)
Blue Peter (Don’t Walk On Past)
Martha & The Muffins
Also, if you’re adding early 90’s Canuck Metal, then you also need:
Slik Toxic
Sven Gali (for the record, not where I got my nom de plume. 😉 )
Harem Scarem
I Mother Earth
I’m sure more will come to me, but this is a good start. 😀

Here’s another one I forgot: Papa’s Got a Brand New Pig bag by Pig Bag. You may know this as the theme song to CityTV’s The new Music.

While rummaging through my stuff last night, I found a cassette cover (but alas, not the cassette tape) of a mix of mine. One of the tunes: Saturdays in Silesia by Montreal-based Rational Youth. Whoa.
I don’t think anyone has mentioned Trans-X yet. Living in Video, people!
I also believe Moev were Canadian.

For “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” he really needs the copy by The Arrogant Worms. Especially since their version originated in K-town during the Joey era (at the Treehouse Cafe nonethe less).

If you’re going to go with Forgotten Rebels, you might as well throw Bomb the Boats in the mix, too.
(As an aside, I don’t know if I’m more surprised that Surfin’ on Heroin was used at a wedding, or that Tom Simko got married. Nex thing you know, you’ll be telling me you got married, Gumby.)
— Lara

I’d say that any tune that contains bilingual lyrics and a reference to eating corn chips and masturbating would HAVE to make the list.

I think pigbag was british, not canadian
Did Holly McNarland make it outside of Canada?
oh, and Lara, don’t worry, the world ends when Mike says “I do”. Me, I haven’t found anything to replace that crush I had on the girl with the stern firm hand and cute button nose…

Oh, I also forgot: Goddo’s Pretty Bad Boy.
And also: Proud to be a Canadian by the Dayglo Abortions. Mind you, I’m sure Wendy wouldn’t like the lyrics. She did smack me after I performed The Bloodhound Gang’s A Lapdance is Always Better (When the Stripper is Crying).

You are alll missing the alltime best Canadian artist, I am speaking of Mr Stompin’ Tom Connors. Who can forget “Sudbury Saturday Night”

Kim Mitchell : Patio Lanterns
Sloan : Coax Me
Crash Test Dummies
Mitsou : LOL she came to our highschool
I will have to think harder on this

Slik Toxik – Helluvatime
Andy Curran – No Tattoos
Kim Mitchell – Go For Soda
Haywire – Bad Boys
Aldo Nova – Fantasy
Coney Hatch – Hey Operator
Harem Scarem – Slowly Slipping Away
Brighton Rock – We Came to Rock
Honeymoon Suite – Burning in Love
Kick Axe – On the Road to Rock
Killer Dwarfs – Heavy Mental Breakdown
Helix – Rock You
Lee Aaron – Metal Queen
Sven Gali – Tie Dyed Skies
Rockhead – Bed of Roses
Northern Pikes – She Ain’t Pretty
Ah, memories of watching Toronto Rocks after school, and listening to Q107 when it didn’t suck.

Growing up on the Rideau River in the 80s, I’ve got some bilingue suggestions.
Cherry Beach Express – Pukka Orchestra
Wave Babies – Honeymoon Suite
L’Affaire Du Moutier/Closer Together – The Box
C’est Z

Wow, that’s a lot of music! By “mixed CD”, you mean “mixed CD full of MP3s”, right? 🙂

By the way, The Pukka Orchestra’s Listen to the Radio is actually a cover of Tom Robinson’s song Atmospherics, which he wrote for Peter Gabriel.
(I have an reasonable amount of Tom Robinson trivia unde rmy belt, having met him and worked on an enhanced CD for him.)

Anything by the Tragicly hip or Blue Rodeo. Never heard of them till I came to Ottawa.
Yes, the bombastic thing was a hit in the US, IF not a hit, certainly played in the dance clubs/MTV for a while.

Hey Accordion Guy,
You aren’t cheating by putting someone else’s version of these songs on the CD instead of playing them on your accordion for your sweeite, are you?

Another one: The Extras, with I can’t Stand Still:

When it’s hot and it’s sticky
Think I’ll get myself a mickey
I’m so parched and dry…
And I can’t relax
Cause I melt like wax
I’m a nervous guy

and who can forget the song about a rubber in your wallet, Circular Impression?

I’ve got a rubber in my wallet
One of those little whatchaamacallits
It leaves a circular impression
From all those years of compression
(Chorus)Circ, circ, circular impression
Leading to a state of depression
In my walla-walla-walla-walla-wallet
I can’t wait to install it
No! I! Can’t! Wait!

Are you kidding? I’m even going re-enact the Lee Aaron Metal Queen video and chain her down to a sacrifical altar. I will wear a lot of tinfoil and be the robot spider that frees her.
It’s gonna be so awesome. Pants-droppingly awesome.

What about the whole early 90s east-coast scene?
Eric’s Trip; Hardship Post; Jale; Thrush Hermit.

I’d have to count “Oh Well” as a hit for MM&M…admittedly I travelled in university radio circles, but that song virtually *defines* the summer of 1993 for me.

Did/does said Rob Moore Ede have a sister named Kim? I was good friends in university with a Kim Moore Ede.
I’m a friend of one of your readers (Ani), if you’re wondering who I am and what the connection is.

Well Heather didn’t really have a button nose…
but since this thread isn’t the “must know” canadian ex-Golden Words dominatrix (aka the Gumby Love Club) one, back to the bands:
and no one has mentioned
platinum blonde

Nah. Bad as they seem was a big indie grundge hit. HE was on geffen records, and made a million off that record. Thats how he could afford to go back to an indie lable and build a recording studio in his house.

Anyone mention Rough Trade’s High School Confidential. and I second “at the back of the film” by thrush hermit.

How about Ottawa’s furnaceface with their song called “We Love you, Tipper Gore” with the famous line in the middle “fuck you, fuck you, eat shit”.
Despite the idiocy of Laura Bush, Tipper Gore would not have been an ideal first lady either.

Did “The Sweater” by Meryn Cadell make it on the charts down south?
You look at that sweater…carefully
And you realize that love made you temporarily blind
You got a secret now honey and though you would never sink as low as him you could blab it all over the school if you wanted
The label in that sweater said
100% acrylic

I don’t know if it made the charts per se but it was pretty popular at my New England college.

Loving this ! Joey, I have Saturdays in Silesia on cassette, should you require and can mate the technologies.

Here’s another one: Jerry Doucette’s Mama Let Him Play:
Mama let that boy
Play some rock and roll
Jazz is just too crazy
He can play it when he’s old
He’s too young for the blues
He’s only in his first set of shoo-ooes (he’s just a boy!)

My suggestions (and yes some have already been mentioned):
Shadowy Men: either “Having an Average Weekend” (the Kids in the Hall theme) or anything off of Sport Fishing
Sloan: 500 Up, Sugartune or Underwhelmed
Doughboys: Shine
Anything by Thrush Hermit (most likely North Dakota) (which I don’t think anyone mentioned and a pox on those who didn’t)
early Crash Test Dummies (not like Superman’s Song or Mmm Mmm Mmm)
Blue Rodeo – Till I Am Myself Again
Watchmen – anything off of the first two albums
Big Sugar
and actually the better version of “Make Me Do (Anything You Want)” is by A Foot In Coldwater
Also what about Trooper: Here For A Good Time or Raise A Little Hell?
King Cobb Steelie
Eric’s Trip

MMM MMM MMM MMM scares the living daylights out of me for some reason. Maybe we should skip the Crash Test Dummies.

I thought Radio Free Vestibule (or The Vestibules, as they are now known) were from Montreal?

Walter Ostenak rocks! Go to his store in St. Catharines – he used to have his Grammys on display (don’t know if he still does).
r. 🙂

You are the best! I wanted to add this one, but couldn’t remember who performed it. Brings back memories of Grade 10 English class…
r. 🙂

wow… I’m bad at this (cuz I came in so late) but dude… get me a copy of this via Karl!! 🙂

Y’know, I don’t know what depresses me more. That I remember “Toronto Rocks” vividly, before Christopher Ward, or that the VJ of the time, J.D. Roberts, mullet and all, is now White House correspondant “John Roberts” of CBS. It could be worse, I suppose – he could be working for Fox News.

how about a bit of Hawksley Workman? Jealous of Your Cigarette or Clever Not Beautiful would be good. Or Ilfracombe off his latest album.

Christopher Ward did that song “Boys and Girls” that had Mike Myers-as-Wayne in the video, right? Le plus grand fromage…

While Fruvous is of course brilliant, they’re reasonably well known in New England. Not in a “get played on the radio” way, but at least in a college-cult way.
colin roald

If you can get ahold of it, The Hockey Song by Jughead is a pretty sweet piece of Torontonian fruit.

“White Lies/Black Truth” or “by the Fireside” by Slick Toxic
Pure canadian metal cheese…

I know a few of these have already been mentioned, but I’ll reinfoce ’em…
“Lovers In A Dangerous Time”, “If I Had A Million Dollars” and “Brian Wilson”, all Barenaked Ladies.
Definately some 54 40, “I Go Blind” or “Since When” maybe.
Some Arrogant Worms for sure… maybe a little later period than you want, but nothing says Canadian like the Worms.
“Whatcha Gonna Do” – Chilliwack (pop-rock tune from ’84, last hit by the BC band before they called it quits)
“Claire” – Rheostatics
Something by Great Big Sea… not sure what would be early enough for you criteria, maybe “Ordinary Day”?
Besides that, can’t think of anything but make sure you have some Tragically Hip. Wouldn’t be complete without them, I suggest “Fifty Mission Cap” or “New Orleans Is Sinking”.

Check out the two 4 disk sets “Oh What a Feeling”, and “Oh What A Feeling 2″….They’re put out by the Junos…I think the first one was a 25th anniversary and the second was the 30th anniversary of the Junos…both can be found by a google search

A few others:
Dogs of February – Lowest of the Low
Fiddler’s Green – Tragically Hip
Wide Load – One (those guys were great in concert)

Me Mom were big with the anglophone crowd in Montreal, once you were out of island, it was so-so. They were bigger out of the province and the US east coast than in Quebec (not counting the donut hole taht is montreal)
Heloise was a national hit if I remember.
I took a look at the top 40 in Canada and I shiver at the thought of kids in twenty years doing a list like this. “Oh yeah, that Britney tune was so cool.”

I hope I’m not too late with this post… but for any smalltown Ontario high school goth in the 80s, these were pretty cool songs:
“Flesh Under Skin” – National Velvet
“Black on Black” and “Let’s Tango” – Dalbello (I have the CD)
“Kiss You When It’s Dangerous” – 8 Seconds (I have the 45, but I wish I had the video – they were in a graveyard, and autumn leaves changed to winter snow… ahhh, how goth)
And does anyone remember “Should I See” by Frozen Ghost? “Show me what should I see/ Make my mind up for me” (I have the 45 for this as well)

Yes, said Rob Moore Ede is brother to Kim Moore Ede. How do I know this? I am brother to both of them. – Andrew.

Hi Craig! I just did a search for my name on the web and found your note! It’s neat to hear from you (and that you remember me)! What have you been up to?

what was that song that went…
i want, i want, i want, i want your soul?
it was in some canadian movie
saw them on electric circus once.

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