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Coolest. Upright Bass. Ever.

On Saturday night, I was heading to Smokeless Joe to catch up with my friends Liz and Keith when I saw the coolest upright bass ever. It belonged to the bassist of The Matadors, who performed at The Black Bull later that evening. I aksed if I could photograph his bass, and not only did he oblige, he even posed.

Alas, I’d already made arrangements to catch White Cowbell Oklahoma with Meryle at the same time The Matadors were playing, but I’ll have to catch these guys at some point.


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They are great, and they play often with the Mysterion Witch Toe Show. They will be performing with mysterion, at the massive Witch Toe Halloween Show at the Gladstone on the 29th of october. Wanna accompany me with Mack the Knife that evening? 😉

kickass. any upright bassist wearing an iron maiden shirt is A-OK in my opinion 🙂

It used to be the bass player from BR 549 who had the best bass but that wins hands down!!!

that bass is a actually a lucifarian relic circa 1750 ad.. legend has it that it was created by a czechoslovakian madman who was said to devour organ meat that was donated by the director of the Royal Prague castrato choir. from its first sounding the bass was the source of chaos and death. during its maiden performance, lady Smentna of Maldau tore off her clothes and proceeded to eat her lover’s tongue. during another performance, the archbishop of Budapest burst into flames — he survived, in this flaming state for 6 days. these lucifarian responses were tolerated until a series of plagues ravaged the czech population. the bass was then locked in a vault in the basement of the Zeman auction house where it remained for 200 years. in 1995, after a mysterious break-in, the bass disappeared. all that was left behind was the still beating heart of a spanish bull (it continues to beat to this very day and has been enshrined in the Greek Orthadox Bamphomet Basilica in southern Latvia). nobody that I have spoken to is sure how the “creepin'” Jefferson came to possess this cursed instrument. I dare not ask the creepin demon about it. I fear that I’ve already said too much…

hes retarded for standing on his bass like that.
That is gunna put so much stress on the neck
and eventually damage it so badly.
some people….

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