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Blogger Lunch with Sebastien Paquet and Company

Sebastien “Seb’s Open Research” Paquet, one of Canada’s bright lights on the social software and blogging front, made his first visit to Accordion City (he even called it “Accordion City” in his email!) on Sunday, and invited a few local bloggers to come out for lunch on Monday. The attendees were:

We met for lunch at Cafe Diplomatico, in the heart of the Little Italy that occupies College Street West (we have a couple of Little Italies). Discussed in addition to blogging (which was to be expected) were the supposed rigor of academics, the upcoming election, censorship, Iran, search engines, the University of Waterloo and the glassy-eyed expressions of most of the other folks in the restaurant as they watched Italy playing the World Cup.

It was also the first time I’d met this group of bloggers, and I had great fun. Thanks for organizing this get-togerher, Seb! As for you locals — Hoder, Michael, Kaveh, Melanie — I’ll be sure to let you guys know about any upcoming GTABlogger gatherings.

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World Cup? Nay, Euro 2004 which is currently on in Portugal. Unless the Dip has some haunted time warp TV that was playing two year old shows. Just guessing.

It was great meeting you, Joey! Hope to do so again. Next time I’d like to see you play the Loony Toons theme music – it’s great on accordian.
Ever tried to play Gordon Lightfoot?
Please let me know about upcoming GTA stuff.
Melanie “AKA” Chandrasutra
(so I guess I have to create an account if I want to leave my URL, etc?)

I’ve been learning Sundown in a room where you do what you don’t confess.
As for registering, yes, it gives you a profile where you can specify an URL, and as much or as little contact info as you like. There’s a little bit of a social software aspect to it too.

None of the photos are working for me. Pasting the photo’s URL into my browser gives a 401 Authorization Required.

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