Canadians: Go and vote!

Today, Monday, June 28th, is Election Day. If you’re eligible to vote in the Canadian election, make sure you vote!

6 replies on “Canadians: Go and vote!”

I’m voting! I can’t wait for this evening, tonight will be television at it’s best LOL

Vote for what ?
Its not like there a lot of choices ,
a) vote for a party that cant find the money that it squandered
/read scandal
b) vote for a party that was headed by the likes of Harris and Mulroney
/read more scandal , Walkerton
c) vote for a party that screwed the Unions a few years ago ( remember Bob Rae and Social Contract days , if you dont I do
/read NDP Pay Freezes in a freely bargained collective agreement ,
d) I’ll sleep well tonight , and knowing all the liars are back in the holes in Ottawa
and all the paper signage is recycled into something useful like BUM WIPE
e) My time tonight will be better served watching Seinfeld reruns

Hey, JP!
Maybe you should go pick up a copy of today’s National Post, which has an article titled Five Bad Reasons for Not Voting. Perhaps the Post’s political agenda doesn’t match yours, but I think the argument is pretty compelling no matter where your politics lie.
Alas, the online version is for subscribers only, and I just don’t have the time to transcribe it. If you don’t feel like forking over ducats for the paper, perhaps a nearby cafe or bookstore has one lying about.

Intentionally spoiling your ballot or voting for the Green Party or the Marajuana Party is an act of protest against the other parties. Not voting is lazy and irresponsible. Doubly so if you’re watching Seinfeld reruns instead.

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