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The Election Result

I would say “let the gnashing of teeth begin,” but it’s already under way.
More commentary later when I get a little time, but I’ll leave you with
a little something that might surprise a few people who know me:

I was hoping for a Conservative minority government.

Chew on that for a while, and I’ll explain later.

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Let me guess: a minority government as holding pattern to keep things moderate until they get their collective acts slightly more together. A Tory minority would punish Liberal arrogance, and the Tories couldn’t successfully pass any socially conservative legislation if they had a bare plurality of seats. A chastened Liberal party would come back and win a majority in 18 months and would Do Better.
I can almost agree with that. I wanted a minority government, too, and I definitely held my nose as I voted Liberal yesterday. But I can’t vote for the Alliance, which is all the current Tories are. I regret chortling over “Tories, party of 2” several years back, because I could have voted quite happily for Joe and Flora and any other collection of sensible Red Tories yesterday. Easily.

I also was hoping for a Conservative minority, but with the NDP holding the balance. That would have forced the Liberals to team up with the NDP in order to hold the balance, giving a lefty regeme perhaps resembling the Trudeau era.

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